“To Bead or Not To Bead?” That is the Question

Why hello my crafty minions! Welcome to my 2nd post on this little blog :] For todays post, a Beaded Charm Bracelet!

Need: Very small seed beads, elastic string the beads can go through, scissors and charm beads. (They can be any type: glass, plastic, or wood. Just as long as they can fit over the smaller beads.)

1. String your small beads on the string for the desired length.

2. When the desired length is reached, string on your bigger charms. (NOTE: You may not want too many charms on,  limit to 3-5 charms, but this is my opinion, customize it however you like.)

3. When finished, tie the string together (double knot) and snip the excess string.

You are finished! This is the completed product.

You can use different colored beads or have it all matchy-matchy, or you could do any number of big beads! It’s all up to you! Be bold. Be daring. Be you! Until next time!



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