Get Ready for the Holiday’s

Hello people of the crafty universe! It is only 16 days until CHRISTMAS! For today I will show you what to do for one of the most important decorations for the big day the Christmas tree.


In my house we have 1 real and 1 fake Christmas tree. But what if you are looking for a more DIY approach or want to save some cash OR tired of the same tree then check out these videos of how to make a Christmas tree.

Broke for the Holidays, DIY X-Mas Tree

DIY Driftwood Christmas Tree


If you need ideas of how to decorate a tree then you could look at some of my older posts (HERE or HERE) of how to make ornaments.  If you have already seen and read my posts then here’s another ornament video.

D.I.Y. Bunny Ornaments, Soda Can Ornaments, and StarBucks Snowflake

I hope you enjoyed the video projects. If you like my blog or photography and sightseeing then you could go to my mom’s blog! It’s about our life in Germany, or Deutschland.  It is AMAZING here! I hope you enjoy!


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