Let’s Wrap Things Up! (Literally)

Greetings, fellow crafters. So it is very close to the big day! (10 days to be exact!) If you didn’t wrap your Christmas presents yet then here are some videos of how to wrap presents while recycling! (GENIUS! )

Creative Holiday Gift Wrapping Ideas, Recycled Wrapping

Eco Friendly Wrapping Ideas

If you like music as much as me then I think you will love Lindsey Stirling! (A really cool violinist!)

I am SO excited for Christmas! (Being a kid and all :] )I hope you like this post and I would love it if you added a comment about what YOU think about my little blog!



  1. Hi Meg, I really liked the video you shared with the eco wrapping. When I was a kid we made wrapping paper using the potato stamps, it was a lot of fun. I have also used the comic portion of newspapers for wrapping, they are quite colorful.

    Because you are living in Germany maybe you could share some crafts on your blog that are inspired by the German culture. I know a long time ago in Germany they used to make Schultüte for school children. I am going to let you look that one up instead of telling you what it is.

    Keep up the great blogging and Happy Arting!

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