Spring-Time Special

So it’s spring-time (finlay!) no more bulky, itchy winter coats and frostbite. Even though I love every season spring is in my top 2 list so I am going to do a SEASON SPECIAL today! (Yay! ) Now in our back yard we have a HUGE  space that is just begging to be used, and springtime is the time for life to begin again. So for the first of this springtime special I’m going to show you a video with a few gardening tips.

How To Be A Gardener 7- The Productive Garden

Do you want to know what is a good thing for your garden, WORMS! Now some of you are probably thinking ” Worms? Eww! How can gross, slimy, fish bait be good for a garden?” Well my friends, there is more to worms than you think.

Benefits of Earthworms| Farm Raised Classics With P. Allen Smith

Ok one of the reasons that springtime is one of my favorite seasons is because of spring cleaning and that gives me an excuse to get rid of some old stuff to donate and re-decorating my room. This video is a cool way to decor your room and keep it organized.

DIY Room Organization/ Spring Cleaning and Decor

So we have the spring cleaning, wormoligy and gardening tips down. A few days ago a friend of mine made me a flower crown I loved it but there were a few problems, 1. It is very fragile especially now that it’s a few weeks old and 2. I couldn’t wear it in fear of ripping the fragile flowers. I still have it hanging in my room but I wanted a way to wear flowers without being so fragile and hurting the plant. I am going to do this DIY as soon as I can find fake flowers.

Awesome Floral Crown How-To… Easy to Make!

As I was looking through some of my favorite blogs I found a cup-cake recipe that I was DIYing (Har har.) to try. It looks SO yummy and the tittle had a spring-time feel to it don’t you think ?

Chocolate Covered Katie – The Healthy Dessert Blog

I hope you enjoy todays special post as much as I do and if you have a question or suggestion for my blog please tell me in a comment.



  1. Hey Miss M, This was a good post. I especially like P. Allen Smith, I get to see him on a television early in the morning on Saturday. We have a very large compost bin run by worms. They eat all our scraps of fruit and veggie peels, egg shells and coffee grounds. I even shred all our junk mail and cardboard boxes for them to eat. It makes great compost to put in our vegetable garden boxes. Keep up the good posting. Do you have anything special to post for Easter? I can’t wait. Love, Aunt Dena

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