Punk Pants

Hi everyone, today’s project is going to be a refashion that you can do to any of your old pants.

A simple pair of pants right?

A simple pair of jeans right?



These were one of my favorite pants and I was so careful to not let this happen :^(

Oh well I guess it’s DIY time! I tried this video on distressing old jeans.

Quickie, How-to Dye Stuff  in Coffee

Ok, I did everything the tutorial said except dyeing my pants in coffee, (I didn’t want to waste it) and my dad didn’t let me borrow the car. (Don’t ask) After a lot of pulling, ripping, cutting, and “cheese” grating I got this.



It’s fine but it needed something more so I grabbed this.

Ohhh shiny!

Ohhh shiny!

I thought “I can iron it on like any other patch.” WRONG!!! I warn you, the next photo is not for the faint of heart.



What hapend!?!

What happened!?!

I forgot to put a paper towel in between the iron and patch. UGGGGGGGGHHHH!!!! Oh well time for plan B.



My aunt got these for me and I love them but I couldn’t find the right article of clothing to put them on, until now!  So I ironed the patches on.

Huza it worked!

Huza, it worked!

After you iron on your patches I advise you sew them securely in place. I didn’t because I was losing daylight but I’ll do it later. Now I’ll show you a little trick that I do to add a little style to my jeans.

This will do.

This will do.

Take any necklace or long chain and weave it through 2 of your belt loops.

And viola! You’re done!

Nice pants.

Nice pants.

Now I loved my pants before they got a hole in them but I love them now even more! And the best part is that the more they get torn, the better they get! You can do this to almost any article of clothing made from denim, like skirts, shorts, and jackets.  It’s pretty easy too, but I have to warn you, ALWAYS read the label before ironing on patches ESPECIALLY if it’s made out of glue and sequins to avoid getting a big, sticky, hot mess.





  1. Meg, This was absolutely my favorite of your DIY blogging. Uncle Roger loved it too. The punk pants are great, although I am a little old to punk my pants. Maybe I can Granny them! Also, I wanted to tell you that your writing skills are improving with each post. This one made me laugh, I loved it. Thank you, Aunt Dena

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