Easter Specal

On one of the roads to my village I saw THIS.

Hey bunnies!

Hay bunnies!

These are SO funny, plus, today is Easter! For kids, there’s a lot of candy, chocolate bunnies, egg hunts and the visit from the Easter Bunny.

Funny Jack Frost & Easter Bunny Scene (Rise of the Guardians)

But I wonder, where did these fun traditions come from. History time!

The History of Easter

Wow, at first I though the Easter Bunny was made up for the economy or something.

If you like decorating but you don’t want to go overboard then you can watch this.  It also has a cute idea for little kids.

3 Cute n’ Easy Easter DIYs

If you have a sweet tooth (like me) then you can try these oh so delicious looking and healthy treats.

39 Healthy Easter Recipes – Secretly GOOD for You


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