Earth Day Special

Hello everyone, it’s EARTH DAY!!! Earth Day, as you can guess, celebrates the Earth. I enjoy recycling before putting the recyclables into the recycling can, you can do a lot with candy wrappers, old jeans, safety pins, and if you have plants, you can make compost. For those who don’t know what compost is or how to make it, watch this.

Composting – Make it Happen: A guide to backyard compost

Have you ever heard of Schoolhouse Rock? It’s a bunch of educational music videos for kids. The same people made Schoolhouse Earth, it’s similar only with talking polar bears and it’s about stuff you can do to help the Earth. If you can find it on DVD or on Netflix then you should watch that instead of what I’m linking you to because this doesn’t have all of the songs and doesn’t work on mobile devices. It was the closest thing that I could find.

Schoolhouse Earth

A great way to celebrate Earth Day is to visit the farmer’s market or eat from your garden. Some foods in stores have insect killer on them or preservatives (BLEGE!!!). And foods grown in other parts of the world have to be transported and a lot of transportation releases carbon dioxide, which pollutes the air (even more BLEGE!!!). Plus, it’s healthier to eat fresh foods and there are some tasty alternatives too. There is one blogger that makes my mouth water from the yummy healthy goodness. (Seriously people, OREO, PANCAKES, that are GOOD FOR YOU :^O GENUSE!!!!)

Chocolate Covered Katie – The Healthy Desert Blog


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