Our trip to France

Hi guys! Yesterday we got back from our trip to France! It was a lot of fun and I got a beret (YES!!!). Whenever we go on big trips I wanted to show you the photos I took but the computer wont upload them :^[ so I’ll send you a link to my mom’s blog (because her’s is a travel blog) and tell you about some of the adventures we had.

Day 1: The car ride

At 8:45 we hoped into the car for the long 9 hour trip (yay :^[ ) .When we FINALY got to were we were staying I fell asleep in nice bed.

Day 2: The Airborne Museum

After a lovely breakfast we drove for half an hour to get to the Airborne museum in Normandy.  Here is a link in case you want to visit there website, The Museum. It’s a place where people fought an important part of World War 2, my great grandpa fought there. After the museum we visited an old church. When we were done we went to the little market to get some lunch and stuff for dinner. We accidentally bought what my mom thought was half a chicken was actually half a duck (woopsie)! When we got home to eat dinner my mom got out a bottle of apple cider but when we tried a sip it was actually hard cider (BLEGH!!!).

Day 3: Le Mont Saint Michel

The next day we got into the car and drove for an hour and a half to get to an awesome place called Le Mont Saint Michel, it beats the big castle at Disney World any day.  Here is another link in case you want to see a one thousand-year old castle/village, Le Mont Saint Michel.

Day 4:  Etretat

This is what I belive was the highlight of our trip, when we got there it started to rain and a few of the people there left. Did that stop us, to that I say, “Monkey feathers!” (in other words no). We carefully crawled through the seaweed covered rocks (if you ever tried walking on seaweed covered rocks please let me know in the comments). When we got to the cave my dad found a tunnel, you can guess what happened (we went in). When we were out of the tunnel we found a lovely view of the beach and found that there is even more of the beach so we walked the rock covered beach to the other side. When we finally decided to leave my parents found a ladder going up the huge cliff. After a long, muddy, scary climb I reached the top I saw barbed wire so I could take a hint that we weren’t supposed to climb up there unless it was an emergency (whoops)! We could have died but we didn’t WOHO!!! My mom said that we earned our ice-cream that day and it was SO good. If you would like to visit a beach completely covered in stones here’s a link but remember, NEVER climb up that ladder unless it’s a life or death matter I AM SERIOUS.

Day 5: Going home

Well, this was the end of our very lovely trip to France. We had some french pastries for breakfast then packed up and left our little cottage. Another long 10 hour trip back home (wah!) but the view was breathtaking. At home we watched some Scooby Doo episodes (manly the ones in Europe) then went to bed.

The trip was AWSOME and I hope you can have the time to visit France someday. I am very sorry that I couldn’t show you the photos I took (what is wrong with my camera?) But I hope that my mom has better luck than I do. My mom is working on her blog and it’ll probably be a while until all of the photos are edited (she took a LOT of them) so keep on checking in, The Western Wayfaer. If there is anything that you would like me to try tell, then tell me in the comments.  


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  1. Hi Meg, Uncle Roger said to tell you that you did a good job with your writing. I agree, the descriptive writing made me feel like I was on the trip with you, it is wonderful Keep up the good work. Love, Aunt Dena

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