Banana Pancake Breakfast or Snack Sandwiches

Yummy! :^D

Yummy! :^D

So, everyone knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and I’m going to show you a quick and easy recipe that everyone (except those who have allergies) will enjoy.  One time while I was baby-sitting my brother and sister I made these and they were devoured in seconds.

Need: At least two leftover pancakes (you can use more if you want to make more), some chocolate spread (and/or peanut butter), a butter knife, a cutting board and a plate.

1. Place your pancakes on your plate and reheat until warm.

2. While the pancakes are reheating, slice your banana into thin slices.

3. Spread your chocolate spread (and/or peanut butter) onto one side of a pancake.

4. Place your banana slices over the chocolate covered pancake.

5. Spread another layer onto your other pancake.

6. Place your pancakes together.

It's REALLY good!

It’s REALLY good!

This is SOOOOO good, this is a really yummy treat and I make it whenever I get the chance. You can use peanut butter so it’s a healthier snack but I LOVE chocolate spread. Tell me if you like the chocolate spread version, or peanut butter, or the combined.

I’ll let you know which answer people like the best next week so be sure to vote.

Green Tip

Instead of throwing your old stuff away, donate it to a charity shop or a rental shop. It saves waste from the landfill (spit >:^[ ) and saves resources. And by donating it to a charity shop (like Goodwill) whenever someone buys that item, the money goes to helping the community!


Item Display Case

Hello everyone! Now as many crafters, I have a crafting space, but what happens if you’re crafting space becomes a disaster area?

It looks like a tornado attacked my desk!

What a mess!

I am super careful to keep my craft space clean but when I’m working on something big or on multiple projects (I’m messy that way) I soon find my desk looks like a place were a tornado just hit. So a while ago (some time around January) I went to a monthly flea market (oh, so itchy! *Scratch*) and I got this.



 I really liked the bright colors on this and for only ten euro (one euro dollar is like seventy cents US), I couldn’t say no! You can find them in almost any flea market but make sure that it isn’t falling apart.

1. Before I took a picture of this it was really dirty and dusty but you can fix that with a vacuum.

Using a crevice tool makes it easier.

Using a crevice tool makes it easier.

2. Now you don’t have to do this, but I wanted to give mine a little polish so I used a rag to rub wood polish into mine.

Woods best friends.

Wood’s best friends.

Be sure to get every nook and crevice.

Rub rub rub.

Rub rub.

3. Now you get a hammer and a pair of nails and hammer one into the wall.

Yours may vary.

Your’s may vary.

4. Now mark were your other hanger is and hammer another nail in. Now hang up your master piece.



5. Now start adding your supplies in.

I took a few fun stuff and added sticky tack to the bottom so they wont fall off.

I took a few fun items and added sticky tack to the bottom so they wouldn’t fall off.

Add this is what mine looked like when I was done.

Ohhh! Ahhh!

Ohhh! Ahhh!

You don’t have to use it for craft stuff, for example you can use this to display your makeup, jewelry, nail polish or what ever you think of! I’m going to try and go to this flea market as often as I can and find more stuff for other projects. Until then…

Green Tip

 When you leave a room, be sure to turn the lights off!

Bookmarks from Old Envelopes

Hello everyone good news, my computer is working again which means, I can upload my photos again! (Huza!)

Now, we go to a library about once a week and we stock up on books to read. Reading is one of my favorite pastimes, and I do a LOT of it!

And that is for the weekend! ;^)

And that’s for the weekend! ;^)

But sometimes while I’m reading my mom asks me to help her or I have to go to bed. Normally I fold the upper page but that can damage the book :^( . Whats a bookworm to do? Well, as I was reading one of my favorite magazines I found this.



It was cool but I didn’t want a little monster eating my books at night. Besides, it’ll only work for Halloween or scary books (Like Goose Bumps). And there are many ways you can decorate it and it’s a good way to use the old junk mail envelopes.

Need: An old envelope, a pair of scissors and some crafting supplies (pens, pencils, glitter glue, glue, colorful paper, etc.).

1. Cut out a corner out of the envelope but be careful when you cut them out or it wont fit your book.



2.Put it over the corner of the page in your book to see how it fits.

Nice and snug.

3.Now you can leave it by itself (BORING!!!), OR you can get creative and decorate it.

I used my little sisster's old dot paint and the spot looked like a cyclosp.

I used my little sister’s old dot paint and the spot looked like a cyclops.

I used two stamps and filled one in.

I used two stamps and filled one in with pen.

This is a really quick and fun project to do. One time I made one for my mom and I had a worm reading a book on it (but it’s missing, so no picture). It’s the alternative to folding the pages and it’s better than the average bookmark (no offence to the people who like bookmarks) because it wont slide out so easily. I’m planing on leaving one in the books I borrow from the library so other people can use them :^) . Bye bye for now!

Green Tip

Instead of throwing your milk cartons in the recycling bin (or trash :^[ ) you can use them. Here is a link to ten things you can use a milk cartons for, 10 uses for milk cartons | MNN – Mother Nature Network.

Mother’s Day Special

Hello everyone it is very close to Mother’s Day. Now this means a lot to me because my mom does a LOT for me and my family, so I wanted to make my mom something special and I remember wanting to make her this,

DIY Sewing Kit/ Pincushion Mason Jar

I had a bit of trouble with this but I found out that you had to PUSH the lid down when you screw it on. I wanted to show you what looked like but the computer REFUSES to upload my photos (WHAT!!!!!!!) But it turned out great.

Another thing you can do for your mom is make her breakfast. Here is something that you can make for your mom without making the kitchen a disaster area.

How to Make Breakfast in bed for Mommy!

It doesn’t matter if you can make your mom breakfast or buy her a house, the best gift that you can EVER give your mom is your love.

Happy Mother’s Day – Harley E-card

Happy Mother’s Day!




Green Tip

Turn off the water while your brushing your teeth. 

An Announcement!

Hi everyone, as the title implies, I have an announcement to make. It all started while I was looking in one of my favorite books and I was shocked to read this!

Grrrrrrr!!!!!!! >:[

Grrrrrrr!!!!!!! >:[

NOW you know what a little litter can do!!!

NOW you know what a little litter can do!!!



THIS makes me madder then the Hulk people! NOT. HAPPY. >:^[ So what does this have to do with my crafting blog? Well part of the reason that I like to craft and DIY is to recycle without putting it in the bin, create less waste for the landfill (BOO! HISS!) show people that you don’t need to throw stuff away that can be reused, and help the planet. But I know I can’t do it alone. So whenever I make a post for my blog, there will be a little “Green” tip at the bottom about what you can do to help the Earth, or a fact about it and pollution, or a quick “Green” DIY.  Please try them because we can all make a difference if we all try, even a little bit (wow what a dramatic speech). But seriously, I hope that you try.

Green Tip

Choose to eat locally grown foods. Transporting food over long distances (Like from Africa to America) uses up fossil fuel (a limited resource) and releases extra CO2. If you eat locally grown food, you also eat stuff that is fresher and closer to being ripe when it’s picked.  So hit up a farmers market or look at the signs at the grocery store (a lot of times it will tell you where the food comes from).