An Announcement!

Hi everyone, as the title implies, I have an announcement to make. It all started while I was looking in one of my favorite books and I was shocked to read this!

Grrrrrrr!!!!!!! >:[

Grrrrrrr!!!!!!! >:[

NOW you know what a little litter can do!!!

NOW you know what a little litter can do!!!



THIS makes me madder then the Hulk people! NOT. HAPPY. >:^[ So what does this have to do with my crafting blog? Well part of the reason that I like to craft and DIY is to recycle without putting it in the bin, create less waste for the landfill (BOO! HISS!) show people that you don’t need to throw stuff away that can be reused, and help the planet. But I know I can’t do it alone. So whenever I make a post for my blog, there will be a little “Green” tip at the bottom about what you can do to help the Earth, or a fact about it and pollution, or a quick “Green” DIY.  Please try them because we can all make a difference if we all try, even a little bit (wow what a dramatic speech). But seriously, I hope that you try.

Green Tip

Choose to eat locally grown foods. Transporting food over long distances (Like from Africa to America) uses up fossil fuel (a limited resource) and releases extra CO2. If you eat locally grown food, you also eat stuff that is fresher and closer to being ripe when it’s picked.  So hit up a farmers market or look at the signs at the grocery store (a lot of times it will tell you where the food comes from).  


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