Mother’s Day Special

Hello everyone it is very close to Mother’s Day. Now this means a lot to me because my mom does a LOT for me and my family, so I wanted to make my mom something special and I remember wanting to make her this,

DIY Sewing Kit/ Pincushion Mason Jar

I had a bit of trouble with this but I found out that you had to PUSH the lid down when you screw it on. I wanted to show you what looked like but the computer REFUSES to upload my photos (WHAT!!!!!!!) But it turned out great.

Another thing you can do for your mom is make her breakfast. Here is something that you can make for your mom without making the kitchen a disaster area.

How to Make Breakfast in bed for Mommy!

It doesn’t matter if you can make your mom breakfast or buy her a house, the best gift that you can EVER give your mom is your love.

Happy Mother’s Day – Harley E-card

Happy Mother’s Day!




Green Tip

Turn off the water while your brushing your teeth. 


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