Bookmarks from Old Envelopes

Hello everyone good news, my computer is working again which means, I can upload my photos again! (Huza!)

Now, we go to a library about once a week and we stock up on books to read. Reading is one of my favorite pastimes, and I do a LOT of it!

And that is for the weekend! ;^)

And that’s for the weekend! ;^)

But sometimes while I’m reading my mom asks me to help her or I have to go to bed. Normally I fold the upper page but that can damage the book :^( . Whats a bookworm to do? Well, as I was reading one of my favorite magazines I found this.



It was cool but I didn’t want a little monster eating my books at night. Besides, it’ll only work for Halloween or scary books (Like Goose Bumps). And there are many ways you can decorate it and it’s a good way to use the old junk mail envelopes.

Need: An old envelope, a pair of scissors and some crafting supplies (pens, pencils, glitter glue, glue, colorful paper, etc.).

1. Cut out a corner out of the envelope but be careful when you cut them out or it wont fit your book.



2.Put it over the corner of the page in your book to see how it fits.

Nice and snug.

3.Now you can leave it by itself (BORING!!!), OR you can get creative and decorate it.

I used my little sisster's old dot paint and the spot looked like a cyclosp.

I used my little sister’s old dot paint and the spot looked like a cyclops.

I used two stamps and filled one in.

I used two stamps and filled one in with pen.

This is a really quick and fun project to do. One time I made one for my mom and I had a worm reading a book on it (but it’s missing, so no picture). It’s the alternative to folding the pages and it’s better than the average bookmark (no offence to the people who like bookmarks) because it wont slide out so easily. I’m planing on leaving one in the books I borrow from the library so other people can use them :^) . Bye bye for now!

Green Tip

Instead of throwing your milk cartons in the recycling bin (or trash :^[ ) you can use them. Here is a link to ten things you can use a milk cartons for, 10 uses for milk cartons | MNN – Mother Nature Network.


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