Banana Pancake Breakfast or Snack Sandwiches

Yummy! :^D

Yummy! :^D

So, everyone knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and I’m going to show you a quick and easy recipe that everyone (except those who have allergies) will enjoy.  One time while I was baby-sitting my brother and sister I made these and they were devoured in seconds.

Need: At least two leftover pancakes (you can use more if you want to make more), some chocolate spread (and/or peanut butter), a butter knife, a cutting board and a plate.

1. Place your pancakes on your plate and reheat until warm.

2. While the pancakes are reheating, slice your banana into thin slices.

3. Spread your chocolate spread (and/or peanut butter) onto one side of a pancake.

4. Place your banana slices over the chocolate covered pancake.

5. Spread another layer onto your other pancake.

6. Place your pancakes together.

It's REALLY good!

It’s REALLY good!

This is SOOOOO good, this is a really yummy treat and I make it whenever I get the chance. You can use peanut butter so it’s a healthier snack but I LOVE chocolate spread. Tell me if you like the chocolate spread version, or peanut butter, or the combined.

I’ll let you know which answer people like the best next week so be sure to vote.

Green Tip

Instead of throwing your old stuff away, donate it to a charity shop or a rental shop. It saves waste from the landfill (spit >:^[ ) and saves resources. And by donating it to a charity shop (like Goodwill) whenever someone buys that item, the money goes to helping the community!


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