Summer Fun!

Hi guys I know it’s been a while since my last post and a summer special was way overdo, but I haven’t been on the computer for a while  and I was really busy.

When I was surfing the net (Har har. Summer. Beaches. Surfing? Never mind.) looking for fun, summer projects I came across this. I’m definitely going to try some of these projects sometime. It has everything from jewelry to mustaches to duct tape to cool, recycling DIYs, almost everything I love to make (though I’m still a beginner)! I also came across this awesome blog, DIY | Trash To Couture, I’m totally going to try some of these DIYs. I love how this person takes old stuff (in the clothes, pillow cases department) and turning them into something awesome (that’s kind-off what I’ve been trying to teach people on my blog right?)!

I feel like I’m forgetting something… Oh, right! Ice-Cream! I never said this, but I have an obsession with ice-cream. So ever since I discovered Chocolate Covered Katie, and that it’s now summer time, I’ve been trying to convince my parents to make every ice-cream recipe she’s made! Here is a link to a recipe I want to try Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream. We made the peanut butter smoothies once, we shoved two bananas, a lot of peanut butter into a blender and added some milk to help it blend. It was really good though. I promise I’ll post more summer DIYs in the future and maybe I’ll throw in a few surprises…


Green Tip

Did you know that the average family of three people can save up to $150 and 3,200 gallons of water per year if they turn the water off when they shampoo and condition their hair? (I learned this fact on a shampoo bottle)


Father’s Day Special

Hello everyone, today is Father’s Day! With my dad I have to be really careful not to let him have even a little hint on what I got him or he’ll figure it out (he’s really smart!). I made him the card from my last post and a paper neck-tie that he can wear! Here’s a tutorial I used to make it. I know that it’s a project meant for little kids but mine has a “#1 Dad” written on it with an arrow pointing up.

I’m also planing on making him breakfast all by myself! I think I’ll try and make this (and this time I’ll be sure to set my alarm clock on ;^] ). It’s really hard for me to make (or buy) gifts for my parents because whenever I ask them what they want, they say that they don’t want anything so it just makes it more difficult for me, (I hope your reading this Mom and Papa! Hint hint.) So I make whatever I think they’ll like and hope for the best (fingers crossed!). If you don’t know what to make for your dad then this video has some ideas for you.

DIY Father’s Day Gifts!

Another gift you can give him is your love and thank him for everything he has taught you and cares for you.

Harley e-card

I hope you have a happy Father’s Day! Bye bye for now!

Green Tip

Whenever your done with a water bottle, you can refill it before you decide to recycle it!

Father’s Day Gift Card

Hi guys.  It’s only a week until Father’s Day so I wanted to show you something you can make for him.  I learned this technic from a book (Show Off, by Stephens & Mann) and I thought it is a really cool way to make a card, so I decided to make one for my dad.  Now that I think about it, I think it would work better for a boy’s birthday card instead of a Father’s Day card, but still, you can use the technic to make a totally different look.


Need: Colored pencils (or markers), some white paper, a glue stick, a pair of scissors and three sheets of colored paper.

1. Fold two pieces of colored paper in half.

2. Cut some slits onto one of the pieces of paper.

Cut the slits on the folded half.

Cut the slits on the folded half.

3. Fold some of the slits like this.

4. This step is kind of hard to explain, fold the paper in and cut some smaller slits into the paper.

5. Now open it and push the steps out.



6. Now add glue to the back of the paper but be careful not to add glue to the steps.

Like this.

Like this.

7. Attach the glued side of the paper to the paper that you folded in half.

8. Trim the excess paper if you need to.

9. Now use your colored pencils (or pens) to draw stuff to add to your card.

Don't worry if you mess up! You can trim of what you don't want.

Don’t worry if you mess up! You can trim of what you don’t want.

10. Cut the drawings out and add glue to the back of them.

11. Add the paper to your card.

For some parts, just add some glue to a little pice of it then attach it to your card.

For some parts, just add some glue to a little pice of it then attach it to your card.

12. You can also draw little details directly onto your card.



13. Now take your other piece of colored paper and cut out a rectangle or a square big enough to fit the bottom of your card.

14. Now glue it onto your card.

15. Now you can write a message.

This is how mine turned out.

What's that little blue thing on that building?

What’s that little blue thing on that building?

It's the Doctor and Amy!

It’s the Doctor and Amy! (from Dr. Who)

I’m really proud of how this turned out.  It took me a while to make some of the drawings.  I’m thinking of making a fairy themed one for my little sister’s birthday.  There are many ways you can make this from Godzilla attacking Tokyo to fairies in a forest garden.  I hope you’ll enjoy this project, until next time.

Green Tip

Start a compost bin. There are a lot of different ways to do it.  Check some out here!

A Spreadable Masterpice!

Hi guys! Today is Wednesday so that means I’ll tell you which answer from last week is the most popular. But first, let’s do a DIY! I was thinking of an idea for a project to do today, I thought I would do something that involved painting. As I got out my paintbrushes I looked over to a small pile of cardboard and I got an idea. So I took out a pice of cardboard and put away my brushes and got started.


 Need: A large, flat pice of cardboard, a blank canvas (mine was painted black by my mom when she had an idea for a project but then she decided to give it to me), a smaller piece of cardboard (I forgot to show it in the picture), some paper to protect the floor (I also forgot to show it in the picture) and some paint.

1. Glob some paint onto your canvas.


2. Use your large pice of cardboard to spread the paint across the canvas

3. Use your smaller piece of cardboard to get the excess paint off of your bigger pice of cardboard.

4. Let it dry for 30 minutes.

Or longer if you need it to.

Or longer if you need to.

5. Repeat steps 1-4 until you’re satisfied with your project.

6. Let the whole thing dry for an hour then you can hang it up.

I’m not going to lie, when I was doing this I was really tempted to leave it as it was, I mean, it looked pretty cool. The reason why I didn’t was because I was curious to see what it would look like. But I think it looks amazing don’t you?

 It's so beautiful!

It’s so beautiful!

 Oh I almost forgot, remember the when I asked you to tell me which type of spread you like on your banana pancake sandwiches? Well the chocolate spread was the winner at a 50% and the chocolate and peanut butter and the just peanut butter was a tie at 25%. Please let me know what type of stuff you want me to do in a comment and I’ll try it.

Green Tip

Be sure to put your recyclables in the right bin.