Flavored Ice-cubes

Hi guys how’s it going? I’ve been really busy and I have wanted to do this project since the beginning of spring but I didn’t really get to it until now. Ok, we have these wild strawberries growing everywhere in our backyard.


They’re  like weeds the way they’re growing, but they’re really small and there isn’t enough to make preserves or ice-cream.

And this is one of the bigger ones!

And this is one of the bigger ones!

So as I was thinking about something to do with them I had an idea. You know popsicles? Well the idea I had is similar only smaller and they can fit inside your mouth. Presenting, the recipe for the flavored ice-cubes!

Orange Juice Strawberry Surprise!

Need: An ice-cube tray, a freezer, a orang juice, and some strawberries (be sure to wash them!).

1. Pour your orange juice into the ice-cube tray. Be careful not to fill it up all the way.

If you accidentally fill it up to high, don't worry! Take a straw and drink the excess.

If you accidentally fill it up to high, don’t worry! Take a straw and slurp the excess.

2. Add your berries.

3. Freeze overnight.

4. Pop them out of the tray and add to a glass of orange juice or sparkly water (mineral water) or place them right in your mouth.

Mmm. Yummy!

Mmm. Yummy!

I felt like this one recipe wasn’t enough. So as I was looking around the pantry I asked my mom if she liked iced tea. She told me yes and told me that it tastes good with some lemon and mint. So that is how I got the idea for this next one. (this is if your a tea fan. I am not a tea fan.)

Iced Tea Melts

Need: Cutting board, some mint, a lemon, a bag of tea, a measuring cup, a knife and a juicer (the weird thingy down there was the juicer I had on hand).

1. Add a cup of hot water to your measuring cup.

Careful: You don't want to get burnt.

Careful: You don’t want to get burned.

2. Add your tea bag to the measuring cup.

My mom likes black tea for iced tea so that's what I'm using.

My mom likes black tea for iced tea so that’s what I’m using.

3. While you wait for the tea to steep, chop MOST of your mint leaves (you’ll see why in a little bit).

4. Cut your lemon in half.

5. Add your chopped up mint to the mix and stir it occasionally.

6. After about five to ten minutes, juice the lemon and add it to the potion (queue the evil witch laugh). And let it sit for about five more minutes and continue mixing.

7. Now it’s starting to look like this.

Doesn't look very tasty does it?

Doesn’t look very tasty does it?

Now a strainer would have helped out a LOT but the one we had was in the dish washer so I had to carefully pour it in and pick out anything that fell in.

I didn't fish the stuff out yet when I took the photo.

I didn’t fish the stuff out yet when I took the photo.

8. Then place a mint leaf on top of each one.

9. Now you freeze it over night.

10. In the morning, they should be ready for use.

11. Get some tea ready, add your ice-cubes, grab your tablet, snuggle up on the couch, and enjoy on a rainy day (this one can work all-season and you can use the ice-cubes to cool down your tea if it’s too hot.).

 Now these two projects are only a few of the many you can make. You could try grape juice and blueberries or soda and ice-cream (I wanted to do that but we didn’t have any soda or ice-cream). Let your creativity run wild! Please let me know the flavored ice-cubes you tried in the comments. Mark my words, there will be a sequel!

Green Tip

When using the printer, use BOTH sides of the paper (turn it over and send it through the printer or use the double-sided feature if your printer has one) before you toss it or print again.


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  1. Great post, I love flavored ice cubes. I believe those strawberries are called woodland or Alpine strawberries. They are very tiny. If you decided you wanted to make jam out of them, just collect them, wash and stem and throw into a freezer bag. When you have enough for five cups of crushed strawberries then you have enough to make a batch of jam. That’s what I do with my strawberries because I don’t have enough plants to pick five cups at one time. Keep up the great blogging.

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