Beaded Hair-Ties

Hi guys, summer is here and it is HOT! I could probably survive it better if there was air conditioning (there is NO AIR CONDITIONING in Germany!!!). I’ve been trying to find ways to cool off without the technology of cooling. Now part of what makes the heat miserable for me is because I am growing my hair out (I’m doing Locks for Love) so the hair makes my neck get warmer then it would if I chopped it above my neck. Now I made this DIY a while ago and it’s more like a fashion accessory but I think it helps. But I have to warn you, if you use a lot of really heavy beads then it will stretch the hair tie out faster but it doesn’t really bother me.

Need: A hair-tie (NOT a rubber-band. Super important.), Some beads, Some string (you can use elastic but it doesn’t really matter) and a pair of sizers.

1. Decide how long you want your beaded hair tie to be and boucle the length (sorry I didn’t take a photo) then cut it.

2. Now as the photo shows you, fold your string in half over the hair-tie.

3. Now tie it onto the hair-tie.

Like that.

Like that.

4. Then string on your beads (I try to keep it even but you don’t have to).

5. Once you’ve reached your desired length, if your beads have a big hole then you can rather add a smaller bead to it then tie a small note, or you can just make a really big knot.

6. Snip off the excess string then use it to tie your hair up (or use it for any other hair styles).

I made the first one for the 4th of July.

 I also made a few more to show you different ways you can make them.

You can decide which one is your favorite! Just put your vote in the poll and I’ll tell you which one people liked the most in a week.

I really hope you liked this post and tell me what projects you would like to see here in the comment section.

 Green Tips 

When your washing the dishes, scrape the excess food into the trash before you wash it in the sink.


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