The Scoop on Indoor Plants

  Hi guys! Did know that having an indoor plant can help reduce colds by 30 percent!?! And they can help reduce the need of air fresheners? It is very important to have them around for they can help make oxygen from carbon dioxide.  If you would like some more info about how indoor plants help, I found a  blog that can tell you the benefits, here’s the link

Ok so know you know how they can help but what about what types are some of the best choices? I learned about some of the best plants from one of my Girl Scout handbooks but I know that not all of you are Girl Scouts. What I did was look up the name of a good, air purifying plant, and how to take care of it. Not all of the information is from the same websites but, if you want to,once you’ve learned about a plant that sounds like something you want to get, go to your local plant nursery and pick one up for your home. It’s easy I promise!

The Link List

Now, have you noticed how much air fresheners you use in your house? Have you done a little research about what’s in the fragrant perfumes or how it’s made? Air fresheners can be really bad for your health.  So that is why I think it’s a good idea to use scented plants and open windows instead of these bad chemical filled fragrances. Here’s a list about how to take care of some strong smelling plants that you can use instead (maybe we can put some in the bathroom ;^] ).

The Second Link List

I really hope that these links will help you find good plants to keep indoors! If you liked todays post then let me know and don’t forget to tell me what you’d like to see!

Green Tip

When you’re done with something you want to recycle and it still has food inside be sure to rinse it out.  It will help deter pests from your recycle area and will help keep things smelling nice 🙂


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