Flower Earrings

Hello fello DIYrs! Have you ever heard of bead weaving? I don’t know what it’s officially called (I don’t really use the dictionary since it burns off my flesh.)(Ahhh! It burns!!!), but it’s like a combination of sewing, weaving and beading. I’ve been trying it out for a while and I’ve found some cool techniques to show you (they’re mainly flowers). Since bead weaving is kind of hard to explain with all of the thread and beads everywhere, I did this whole tutorial on a big pice of paper and used a marker to show you what direction your supposed to go. The quality might be a little weird because I did it on white paper (It’s HARD to keep it clean from rouge glitter!) but I hope you enjoy it all the same.

Need: Five Teardrop Beads (These are the types I used but you can experiment with other types of beads but you might need a bigger or smaller number.), two jump rings, a pair of pliers, some thread (I didn’t have any beading thread so I used regular sewing thread instead) a small pair of sharp scissors and a beading needle.

Ok a beading needle is like a sewing needle and you can make do with one, but the difference is were the hole is, it’s about the same size of the needle. The reason is that the whole needle has to go through the beads, and some of them are tinny.

The hole's so small the camera couldn't see it!

The hole’s so small the camera couldn’t even see it!

1. Thread the needle.

My thread is all curly!

My thread is all curly!

2. String your beads on.

It helps to keep all your beads in this "flower" position.

It helps to keep all your beads in this “flower” position.

3. “Sew” your needle through the bead at the end of the strand.

Does the little arrow help?


4. Now “sew” through the other beads.

I really hope this isn't confusing.

I really hope this isn’t confusing.

5. Now tighten it really good, you don’t want a sloppy wavy flower.

Pull each pice of thread individually.

Pull each pice of thread individually.

6. Tie it in a knot, then tie one of your jump rings on.

It's kind off hard to see

It’s kind off hard to see the jump ring but it’s there

7. Then take your scissors and cut off all of the remaining string from the flower but be careful not to cut the knot off!

Snip. Snip.

Snip. Snip.

8. And finally, use your pliers to open your second jump ring and attach it to your flower. Then, depending on what your using the charm for, close it with your pliers.

Now you know how to make cute little flower charms! You can make a second one then add on a pair of earring hooks.

It's easy!

It’s easy!

  If you liked this DIY please let me know because I LOVE it when you give me feedback. And if you would like to see something, like how to make a chocolate cake or how to make press plants then let me know. I can’t wait to hear from you!!! :^]

Green Tip

When your cloths get too torn up to donate, cut them up into small pieces and use them as stuffing instead of buying it at a store.


Soda Can Charms

Hi guys! You know soda cans, the ones with the wired openers that you pop into the can? I don’t know if my description is helping but maybe this will?

You know, this thingy?

You know, this “thingy”?\ Ignore the weirdo spots ok?

Well, if you ever drink soda in a can like this then you can (har har) take the soda popper “thingy” and use it to make cool charms! Here’s the tutorial.

Need: Some thin wire (preferably a color that matches your thingy), a thingy, two beads (they have to be able to fit inside the two holes in the “thingy”), two jump rings, some wire cutters and pliers

I'm trying to shot the photos at "artistic" angles.

 1.  Cut off some wire (Sorry I forgot to measure it for you!!!).

I just cut off a ridiculous amount, just to be safe.

It looks like I just cut off a ridiculous amount but you will need about this much.

2. Wrap the wire around the middle of one end until it’s secure.



3. Thread on a bead.

I have no idea what caused this photo to look weird. "_

I have no idea what caused this photo to look weird. :^|

4. Now start wrapping the wire around the next part (I hope this is making sense).

See the pattern?

See the pattern?

5. Then add your next bead.

I'm pretty sure you can guess what happens next...

I’m pretty sure you can guess what happens next…

6. Then wrap the wire around the end of the “thingy”.

... If you've guessed this, then congratulations! Your the winner!!! <- Gameshow hostess me

… If you’ve guessed this, then congratulations! Your the winner!!! <- Gameshow hostess me.

7. Now you wrap the end of the wire through your loops a couple of times until you think it’s secure enough.

Does this make sense?

Does this make sense?

8. Cut off the excess wire.

Don't worry! I'll use the wire for another project.

Don’t worry! I’ll use the wire for another project.

9. Open one the jump rings.

Artistic shot!

Artistic shot!

10. Now “thread” it through wire.

It might be hard to squeeze it though.

It might be hard to squeeze it though.

Funny thing, the original jump rings I  wanted to use wouldn’t fit like in the photo above so I had to use these instead.

So when I used these instead they worked because they’re made up of thiner wire.

11. Add your second jump ring.

12. Now close your jump ring, and your finished!



 Here’s a photo of the finished product on a necklace.

Here it is in color.

 I hope you’ve enjoyed this post as much as I did and I hope you’ll let me know! Until then you can watch a totally random music video (I guess it’s not totally random since it involves Lindsey Stirling!)!

Lindsey Stirling Music Video!!!

 Green tip

When your done with an electronic and decide to do something else, be sure to TURN IT OFF!