Picasso Pillow

Hello everyone. How are you doing this lovely October? I’ve been having a pretty lazy week, and today I decided to rummage through some old stuff I had shoved in my “refashion” drawer. As I did this, I came one of my old pillowcases.



It was really “meh” and too big for my pillows. I originally wanted to turn it into a skirt, but then I found one of my bare pillows and thought otherwise.

Now this isn’t really a tutorial per say (with the normal step-by-step instructions) but it’s pretty simple. So first I laid out a pillow over my pillow case and marked were I wanted to add a hem.

I added about two inches because it's 3-dimentional not 2-dimentional

I added about two inches because it’s 3-dimentional not 2-dimentional

Then after I hemmed it I chopped off the excess fabric.

Wachuncuncuncun - The sewing machine

Wachuncuncuncun – The sewing machine

Next I cut out two pieces of white fabric and laid it down on my pillow then pinned them in place.

Sorry it's blurry!

Then I sewed them in place and removed the pins. Now I took my sharpie and made a nose and a smile.

Noes and smily face

 And then I sewed along my lines with a bright yellow thread.

I think the color brings out the face, don't you?

I think the color brings out the face, don’t you?

And now I gave my little Picasso, little button eyes.

Eye see you!

Eye see you!

And now I have a little sleeping buddy to watch over me when I sleep (I think I should have sewn fabric on for eyes instead of buttons so it wouldn’t poke me in the head!). You can also use this basic technique for clothes too. I wanted to make one for my closet but I didn’t have any blank shirts to do it on. I hope you enjoyed this project as much as I did and I hope it isn’t confusing since I didn’t do my usual step-by-step instructions. As for now, I’m going to, *Yawn*, ketch some, ZZzzzzzzzzzz…

My attempt to do the

My attempt to do the “blurry real world as fading into dream world” photo shot.

Green Tip

When your done eating, wipe off the excess food into the trash (or if there are uncooked greens on the plate then put those in the compost) before you rinse it to save water (and also to avoid cleaning out the leftover fish from the sink :^P).



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