Count Eggnog! The Vampier Candy-Cand Reindeer!

Velcome! Velcome to today’s post!  Today I vill teach you how to make vampire Candy-Can Reindeer! After all, it’s almost Christmas! Lots of hot cocoa (I like cocoa as much as I love ice-cream!).  So as always, our family makes more ornaments.  I created this one when I went to a Christmas party.

Surender your eggnog mortals!

Surrender your eggnog mortals!

I called him Count Eggnog. When I came home I decided to make another one.

Need: A candy-cane, some glue, a tissue, two googl-y eyes, some pipe-cleaners and a pair of scissors.

Everything's in black-and-white to add to the

Everything’s in black-and-white to add to the older horror movie effect.

 1. Take your first pipe-cleaner and wrap it around your candy-cane like this.

2. Take a tissue (or a napkin) and tear it in half.

I used tissues but you can also use napkins

3. Now take one and place it

3. Now rip away the excess then distress it as much as you like and repeat with the second pice.

4.Now put some glue on the arm of the candy-cane.

 5. Now wrap the paper around the arm until you can’t feel any glue when you touch it. 6. Repeat on the second arm.

He's looking like a vampire already!

He’s looking like a vampire already!

7. Wrap the second pipe-cleaner around the top of the candy-cane like this.

8. Trim the excess.

Snip snip.

Snip snip.

9. Add on some googl-y eyes and your done (try to use the ones that you don’t need to use glue to make them stick)!

I present to you, Count Peppermint! Ble ble ble!

 I hope you enjoy this but be sure to hide your eggnog. These vampires look hungry!

You have been varned! Ble ble ble!


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