YES! It is officially springtime! HUZA! To kick off the season, I’m going to teach you how to make a colorful, bright, “Springy” DIY.  Best of all, it’s recycled! Presenting, the Springumathings!




  1. A bottle cap. Any type.
  2. Some small items that can it inside said bottle cap. (beads, earrings, broken jewelry, etc.)
  3. A hot glue gun or really good glue.

 1. Decide how you want to arrange your beads.



2. Now glue your pieces into place.

You have been warned.

Keep layering until your happy with your results. You can add a safety pin and use it as a button, glue it onto a headband, or use it as fridge magnet!

You can also use the metal ones, but you have to be even more careful with those. Hot metal can hurt! (believe me I know).

Green Tip

Did you know that one million plastic bags are used a minute? (I learned this from a National Geographic’s book). Instead of using plastic or paper, use fabric bags when you go shopping instead.


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