Lightbulb Charms

   Hello everyone! Summer vacation is OFFICIALLY official! Wahoo! No more school, and more blog time! To start off the season, I’m going to share a DIY! Presenting, the lightbulb!!!

  No not that one! This one!

This one.

This one.

Here’s what you’ll need.

A six 1/2 inch pice of wire, wire cutters, a pair of pliers, a pencil, and a medium-small sized bead that can be strung onto your wire.

Step 1:

Wrap your wire around the pencil four times.

Round and round we go.

Round and round we go.

Step 2:

Take the wire off your pencil, and bend down the bottom loop of wire.

Blurry photo.

Blurry photo.

Step 3:

Straighten your loop, and thread your bead on.

Step 4:

Use your pliers to bend the wire into the ring of loops, (It sounds kind of funny) and trim any wire poking out.

Step 5:

Now take the top strand of wire, and using your pliers, make it turn into a large loop. Cut off the excess wire that might poke through the bottom.




You can also squish the sides to make it look more like this.

Other than earring charms, I haven’t quite found other uses for them, but look for future craft projects involving these! ;^J

Green Tip

Try to use rain water if you have to water your garden.  There are lots of different ways to collect rain water, just look online (and make sure you’re legally able to) to see all of the different collection and storage systems!


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