We Have Returned!!! (To France)

This post is looooong overdue, but I’ve been extremely busy lazy and haven’t gotten around to posting this, but here it is at last, our trip to…

Wait for it…





Oh, and the Palace of Versailles.

Ever since my parents told us the news, we have been preparing for the trip; discussing where we’d be staying, packing suitcases, packing a snack bag, and most importantly, packing a camera (my mom brought a camera, since I still don’t have one, I brought my phone).

Day 1 The Drive and a Stroll Through Disney Village

On September 8th, we crammed everything into the car and began the four hour drive (I was so enwrapped in my video game that I only managed to take two pictures!).

Once we got to the apartment we were renting and unpacked, it was only six o’clock. So, after a little rest, we hopped back into the car and drove over to Disney Village.

I’ve gotta say, it was very… quiet…

The parking lot upfront was mostly empty, somewhat creepy “magical” music played inside the parking garage, and only a few people were walking around! Kind of like a, post-apocoliptic Disney, but then, school was starting back up so…

When we went into the actual Disney Village, we saw more people. It was definitely a crowd, but as my parents said, not a true, Disney crowd (but I’m not complaining!).

We walked around a couple stores for a little bit, and found a Lego store! (Swooning from excited giddiness)




So cute!!!

There was also a GIGANTIC Lego mural of Prince Fillip fighting Malfeasant, unfortunately I didn’t manage to catch a photo before we went out. <:^(

We found this hovering above a small lake on our way to dinner. All I have to say is (.  .)O



Then, we walked over to the Rainforest Cafe for our first bite of Disney Paris chow. Inside, there was a little bit of a line to get in, but the animatronics and fish tank made the wait go by swiftly (at least for my little sister it did!)

We were seated right next to a realistic-ish elephant that occasionally blinked.

I'm gonna call him, Leroy!

I’m gonna call him, Leroy!

Every 10-15 minutes, Leroy (along with all the other animatronics) would begin to stomp around, make animal noises while thunder echoed inside the restaurant. We found this very funny, but a couple of little kids found it unnerving.

For my dinner, I ordered a veggie-burger (I’m a vegetarian) that came looking like this.

Tofu burger toped with avocado and sprouts along with a pickle, some coleslaw, and a side of fries.

Tofu burger toped with avocado and sprouts along with a pickle, some coleslaw, and a side of fries.

I’ve gotta say, it was the very best tofu-burger I’ve ever tasted! Although I’ve eaten very few tofu-burgers in my life time…

Then, (to our surprise) we found out that the kids meals had a free desert, so I ended up sharing some chocolate mousse with my little sister.

The little candies are kind of like skittles, only softer and has a more sutler taste.

The little candies are kind of like M&M’s.

After dinner, we walked around the gift shops looking for sweaters for my brother and I. We forgot to pack ours in the suitcase! (oops!) My brother got himself a Darth Vader sweater, while I got a Jack Skeleton sweater.

Once we finished splurging, we hopped into the car and drove back to our temporary home.  We went to bed as soon as we put our pjs on, and a good thing too! Because tomorrow was Versailles…

Day 2 Viva Versailles!

After a quick breakfast of oatmeal, we drove to village of Versailles, to visit the palace of Versailles! (man, that sure sounds weird!) Parking was, surprisingly more convenient then we thought it would be, upfront parking!

Soon, we found ourselves standing in the second longest line we’ve ever been in! Second only to Saint Petter’s Basilica!

Outside the palace grounds...

Outside the palace grounds…

Inside the palace grounds!

Inside the palace grounds!

That's all covered in gold!

That’s all covered in gold!

Then we went inside the palace… Not gonna lie, it was kind of disappointing.

Imagine hundreds of people crammed into about 15 rooms, shoulder to shoulder, pushing and shoving in an endless stream of people, shoving you along and only giving you a couple seconds to take any pictures, that’s the inside  :^/ But despite the crowd, I did manage to take a couple decent pictures.

That's actually painted to look like marble!

That’s actually painted to look like marble!

This's real marble.

This’s real marble. See the difference?

This painting reminded me of the haunted Mansion because it was only this guy's head!

This painting reminded me of the haunted Mansion because it was only this guy’s head!

A scenic view of the gardens bellow.

There was little bits of gold embedded into the marble.

Argh! My nose itches!!!

There were little bits of gold embedded into the marble.

There were little bits of gold embedded into the marble.



We paused in our tour of the palace to grab some lunch. We grabbed some sandwiches from a cafe, and found a place to park and chow down. Another reason why the palace was a bit of a disappointment, there  were barely any vegetarian friendly sandwiches! And the only one they did have, tasted kind of gross.

Yum. :^I

Yum. :^I

Then we walked around the rest of the palace,

"This way to the bathroom!"

“This way to the bathroom!”

and soon found ourselves outside. We were pretty surprised (and super excited) to see that there were some pretty cool modern art hanging around to great us.



And we found this few waiting down after a flight of stairs.

Ohhhh, what's down there?!

Ohhhh, what’s down there?!

We walked down and went over to get a better view. To our surprise (and dismay) we saw this.





A tour-guid was standing nearby, explaining what happened to a group of tourists. He explained that this piece of artwork is on loan to Versailles, and it was recently vandalized. None of us read French, but the tour-guide said that it anti-Semitic.



This kind of thing makes me very sad. Vandalizing something that someone spent time and effort into making, just to express a very violent, hateful, and racist opinion meant to hurt people just because they’re different. In school I’m learning that a lot of war, pain, and suffering is caused just because people are different, for what they believe in and because of what they look like. It’s very sad to see that, even after hundreds, even thousands of years, people still feel this way towards other people just because they different…

On a happier note,

That's the greek god Apollo, the sun god. He's rising up out of the waters to begin his cycle of the sun.

That’s the greek god Apollo, the sun god. He’s rising up out of the waters to begin his cycle of the sun.

We walked around the fountain, and found something truly jaw-dropping.



Another piece of modern art that shook the earth. Literally! You could feel the ground vibrating it was so powerful! Since it’s so stinking dangerous, (if you fell in, you’d be crushed under the pressure and drown!) there was a metal fence lining the permitter, and two guards keeping tabs on it. We stood there for five minutes, drooling over it’s swirling void of death awesomeness! I definitely consider this the highlight of our experience at Versailles.

Into the abyss!!!

Into the eternal abyss!!!

Finally, we said goodbye to the whirlpool, and began our 2-3 hour walk around the gigantic man-made canal that stood before us. History Note: The rich French aristocrats would sometimes play out battles on the canal. With mini battleships re-enacting battles for their amusement. Talk about fancy theatricality!

We took a little break over here.

That's Versi all the way down there!

That’s Versailles all the way down there!

It took about 2-3 hours to circle the entire lake! When we did, we went into the other palace next-door to Versailles. So back when King Louie lived in Versailles, there was a second palace, kind of like a family home where he and his family could be a family, without all the hustle and bustle of a royal household. This place was much better then Versailles, a lot less people were inside, and all of the furniture and artwork was intact. But my phone was almost dead, so I didn’t manage to take as many pictures as I wanted to. :^|

I swear, all of these beds look so tiny!

I swear, all of these beds look so tiny!



A half-woman, half-lion, half... snake?

A half-woman, half-lion, half… snake?

This was probably the coolest picture I took!

This was probably the coolest picture I took!

After this, we walked over to a little little park area and bought some ice-cream. After all, no trip would be complete without it!

Vanilla. Very good quality I might add.

Vanilla. Very good quality I might add.

After this, everyone was pretty tired, and we decided to go back to the apartment and rest. Everyone was too exceeded to get any sleep, because the next day was Disney Paris!!!

Ok, I’m going to stop right here and save the Disney for another day. Why? Because I took so many photos, it would make this post way too long! But don’t worry, it’ll be worth the wait! ;^J

Green Tip

Have any worn out boots that you don’t wear anymore? Fill it with soil, plant a couple seeds, and BOOM! You’ve got yourself a nifty flower pot! This’ll work for any other types of shoes, you’re just gonna have to line the inside of it with plastic so the shoe itself won’t get all muddy.

That's a little oak tree in there. :^)

That’s a little baby tree in there. :^)


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