Pixie Pumpkins!


Only 8 more days left until Halloween!!!



I’ve been working on my costume all month and I can’t wait to show it to you guys! However, that’s gonna have to wait  until latter because today it’s all about pumpkins.

One of the many things I absolutely love about the fall is the glorious pumpkin. They’re delicious, bright orange, a fun carving canvas, what’s not to love? Now, last year we had a HUGE mini pumpkin harvest, and this year we hoped for the same. Unfortunately, our garden hasn’t been that successful this year. None of the corn grew, all of our wildflowers didn’t bloom so beautifully, the tomatoes took forever to mature, and we only ended up with about 7 pumpkins in total. :^(

These are the only one's I'm using today, so these are the only ones I took pics of.

These are the only one’s I’m using today, so these are the only ones I took pics of.

However, seven’s better then zero! So I “borrowed” the three pumpkins you see in the photo above, and began to experiment. This is what I came up with.

Pixie Pumpkins!

Pixie Pumpkins!

So grab your glitter and acrylic paint and let’s go! (P:S: I forgot to take a supply photo before I started painting the pumpkins! Boops!)

  1. Acrylic paint.
  2. Glitter.
  3. A pumpkin (I used miniature ones but the big ones’ll work just as fine)
  4. A paper cup.
  5. Some glue.
  6. A paint brush.
  7. A foam paint brush.
  8. And a paper plate.


Before I began, I glued on a flower bead to the top of one of the pumpkins. To make it look like it still had a stem. You can do the same thing if you don’t want your pumpkin to be stemless.



On with the tutorial!!!

Step 1.

Cover your pumpkin with an even coat of paint. Your not going to get it all in one go so be patient and let it dry completely between layers!

Patients is key.

Patients is key.

Step 2.

Once it’s completely dry, put your pumpkin onto a paper plate because it’s gonna get messy.

Step 3.

Pour some glue into your paper cup, then add a tiny amount of water. Key word tiny. Any more and your gonna end up with paint peeling off and nobody wants that.



Step 4.

Take your foam brush, and dip it into the glue mixture. Dab, smear, press, or just take the cup and drizzle the glue onto the top of your pumpkin. The technic is entirely your choice. ( I used the drizzle technic on mine)

Step 6.

If there’s any glue on the plate, move the pumpkin to another paper plate, then douce the whole thing in glitter!!!

Step 8.

Now, DON’T TOUCH IT! I mean it. Just leave it alone. Don’t try to fix anything or you’ll end up peeling off the paint!

Step 9.

Now is the time to use your paint to fix any smears or add more glue and glitter onto areas you’ve missed.

Step 10. FINAL STEP!

Once the pumpkin is completely dry, gently brush off any loose glitter onto your plate, then carefully put the glitter back into it’s container. (let’s not be wasteful with glitter now)..

And vwala! Your pixie pumpkin is complete! Now I tried this decorating technic onto the white gourd, and had some mixed results. The end result is, decent. But not as great as the original. It was extremely difficult to apply the glue and glitter, the paint kept on peeling off, and it just didn’t look as nice. I advise to just skip decorating gourds altogether, and stick to the pumpkins!

Now, some of you might be wondering what happened to the third pumpkin. Well, here’s your answer!




Green Tip

Make your own costumes for Halloween. Store bought one’s are not the best quality and use up a lot more resources then homemade ones. Plus, homemade costumes last longer, and are can be  more fun!



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