Chasing Winter Away

Once a year in my village, there is a huge bonfire to celebrate the coming of spring. We go to it every year since we’ve moved here. However, I failed both times to document the event. But not today!

. . . .

To start, everyone comes to the village square and buy torches. Then we wait for a little bit until it gets dark. Then, we light the torches!

Afterwards, we march through the village, then climb up a part of the mountain to where the giant woodpile is. The fun part, is when we throw our torches into the woodpile, and setting it ablaze!

Then, all of the kids play a game of tag, the adults drink their beer, and huddle close to the fire to stay warm. Since we came along with some of our friends, who have a small infant among them, we didn’t stay very long. But, nonetheless, it is definitely a fun experience, if you’re near Olsbrucken around the 20th of February,you won’t be disappointed!


Meh, Valentine’s Day…

I really love holidays. Valentine’s day, not so much. It’s just feels so, commercialized and overly lovey-dovey. Sure, I try to do a Valentine’s DIY or two, but I get super lazy and end up not doing anything on here until a week after the holiday’s over. :^P


Besides eating chocolates at my computer all day…

I could continue ranting on, but that would be boring, and since this post feels way to short, I’m gonna post a couple links to a few semi-Valentin’s day-ish videos and call it a day…

Legends of Zelda Heart Potion

Making Valentines With Lindsey Stirling

Will it Valentine?

Hershey Kisses Bouquet

This last one isn’t Valentin’s day related at all and I’ve already posted it before, but who can resist a steampunk violinist? Not me!

Roundtable Rival


Valentine’s Day Heart Envelope


Ok, so this tutorial isn’t exactly pure-blooded origami. But, since it’s almost Valentine’s Day, and because this a really easy and simple way to make a fancier gift, I’ll let it slide just this once. ;^)

Level: Easy

Step 1.

Fold your paper in half, and cut out a half heart shape.

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Step 2.

Unfold your paper, and fold the two opposite ends inward by a couple inches, depending on the size of your heart.

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Step 3.

Turn your heart around 180 degrees, then fold the bottom edge upward.

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Step 4.

Now just fold the top part over and crease the paper. Now your envelope is complete!


Step 5.

Well, almost. Quickly unfold, write a little poem, refold, then you’re done!