Flea Market Saturday

Hi guys. Remember this post? (here’s a link) I told you about this flea-market that’s opened the first Saturday of every month and that I was going to show you more projects with the stuff I find there. Well, after I went to this month’s flea-market I decided to show you some of the stuff I got, including the stuff I wouldn’t use for projects. I’ll also add the price and total and uses for the things I get. I’m calling it, Flea-Market Saturdays! (Since Saturday’s when it’s open) I know today isn’t the first Saturday of the month and that it isn’t a Saturday at all, but let’s just overlook that fact OK?

 My first find was this adorable watering can.

It was only 2 euro to and it was just too cute for me to resist! For now I’m using it to water my indoor plants but I’m planing on buying some flower seeds to plant inside (maybe some purple pansies or violets?). It started to rain and as my mom and I were squeezing our way to the car we found this lady who was selling a TON of buttons (And I mean a TON). I had to hide my excitement and think, “Am I ever going to use these?”. There was a large pile of buttons or 50 euro cent per bag and I decided to get these. I already used two of the blue ones to make a gift for a friend’s birthday party (I made a little sock monster). I have them stored in this lovely button box my Grandma sent me (Love you!).

Isn't it adorable?

Isn’t it adorable?

So in total I spent 4 euro. We would have stayed there longer but the weather was starting to get bad (my ears were starting to go numb) 😦 but it was really fun.

Green Tip

 Did you know that textiles produces about 5% of landfill waste worldwide! (Here’s a link to were I found out about this and ways to help lower that amount) Instead of throwing away your old clothswaist give them to a friend or sibling.