Pixie Pumpkins!


Only 8 more days left until Halloween!!!



I’ve been working on my costume all month and I can’t wait to show it to you guys! However, that’s gonna have to wait  until latter because today it’s all about pumpkins.

One of the many things I absolutely love about the fall is the glorious pumpkin. They’re delicious, bright orange, a fun carving canvas, what’s not to love? Now, last year we had a HUGE mini pumpkin harvest, and this year we hoped for the same. Unfortunately, our garden hasn’t been that successful this year. None of the corn grew, all of our wildflowers didn’t bloom so beautifully, the tomatoes took forever to mature, and we only ended up with about 7 pumpkins in total. :^(

These are the only one's I'm using today, so these are the only ones I took pics of.

These are the only one’s I’m using today, so these are the only ones I took pics of.

However, seven’s better then zero! So I “borrowed” the three pumpkins you see in the photo above, and began to experiment. This is what I came up with.

Pixie Pumpkins!

Pixie Pumpkins!

So grab your glitter and acrylic paint and let’s go! (P:S: I forgot to take a supply photo before I started painting the pumpkins! Boops!)

  1. Acrylic paint.
  2. Glitter.
  3. A pumpkin (I used miniature ones but the big ones’ll work just as fine)
  4. A paper cup.
  5. Some glue.
  6. A paint brush.
  7. A foam paint brush.
  8. And a paper plate.


Before I began, I glued on a flower bead to the top of one of the pumpkins. To make it look like it still had a stem. You can do the same thing if you don’t want your pumpkin to be stemless.



On with the tutorial!!!

Step 1.

Cover your pumpkin with an even coat of paint. Your not going to get it all in one go so be patient and let it dry completely between layers!

Patients is key.

Patients is key.

Step 2.

Once it’s completely dry, put your pumpkin onto a paper plate because it’s gonna get messy.

Step 3.

Pour some glue into your paper cup, then add a tiny amount of water. Key word tiny. Any more and your gonna end up with paint peeling off and nobody wants that.



Step 4.

Take your foam brush, and dip it into the glue mixture. Dab, smear, press, or just take the cup and drizzle the glue onto the top of your pumpkin. The technic is entirely your choice. ( I used the drizzle technic on mine)

Step 6.

If there’s any glue on the plate, move the pumpkin to another paper plate, then douce the whole thing in glitter!!!

Step 8.

Now, DON’T TOUCH IT! I mean it. Just leave it alone. Don’t try to fix anything or you’ll end up peeling off the paint!

Step 9.

Now is the time to use your paint to fix any smears or add more glue and glitter onto areas you’ve missed.

Step 10. FINAL STEP!

Once the pumpkin is completely dry, gently brush off any loose glitter onto your plate, then carefully put the glitter back into it’s container. (let’s not be wasteful with glitter now)..

And vwala! Your pixie pumpkin is complete! Now I tried this decorating technic onto the white gourd, and had some mixed results. The end result is, decent. But not as great as the original. It was extremely difficult to apply the glue and glitter, the paint kept on peeling off, and it just didn’t look as nice. I advise to just skip decorating gourds altogether, and stick to the pumpkins!

Now, some of you might be wondering what happened to the third pumpkin. Well, here’s your answer!




Green Tip

Make your own costumes for Halloween. Store bought one’s are not the best quality and use up a lot more resources then homemade ones. Plus, homemade costumes last longer, and are can be  more fun!


Rainbow Easter Cupcakes :^c]

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a a HOP-y Easter! (thumbs up for cheesy jokes!) Ever since I’ve seen this video, which teaches you how to bake a rainbow inside a cupcake, (WHAAAAT!?!) I’ve been waiting for the perfect excuse to make them. So when Easter came around…

This happened

The only thing I did differently was use homemade cake filling for the outside. I’m not the biggest fan of store bought cake mix :^P.



I didn't make the lines as perfect as they did in the video, but I did OK.

I didn’t make the lines as perfect as they did in the video, but I did OK.

I had some leftover, so I'm making a cake also!

I had some leftover, so I’m making a cake also!

Baking, baking, baakkiinngg...

Baking, baking, baakkiinngg…

This is what it actually looked like. No bad photos here.

This is what it actually looked like.

So I cut off the top...

So I cut off the top…



Unfortunately, the rainbows floated up to the top with this batch. :^[

Unfortunately, the rainbows floated up to the top with this batch. :^[  The rainbow cake was thawed by the time I baked it in the cupcakes.  I wonder if that had anything to do with them floating?

My parents suggested doing it flat ways and stacking two up top.

My parents suggested doing it flat ways and stacking two up top.

It turned out a LOT better. :^)

It turned out a LOT better. :^)

It was way past bedtime when I finished making these, so I set these out on a rack to cool and put the decorating off for the morning.

In the morning, I made the frosting. Here’s what you’ll need.

I originally wanted to hand mix it, but I decided to use an electric mixer instead.

I originally wanted to hand mix it, but I decided to use an electric mixer instead.


  1. 4 to 6 teaspoons of milk.
  2. 1 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract.
  3. A stick of butter (at room temperature)
  4. 16 ounces (a box) of confectioner’s sugar.
  5. An electric mixer.
  6. Some coconut (I forgot to add the coconut and bird’s eggs in the photo).
  7. A couple of bird’s eggs (not real ones!).

1. Mix your butter before adding your other ingredients. Add in your confectioner’s sugar a spoonful at a time (You don’t want to have it snowing indoors).

2. Add your green food dye.

3. Toast some of your coconut until it’s a nice brownish color (be sure to mix it very often, or it’ll BURN!). Let it cool completely before use.





4. Frost your cupcakes.

5. Now start “patting” the frosting with your butter knife.

It looks like grass.

It’ll make it look like grass.

6. Make a little nest out of your coconut, but not too much. You’ll can add more later.

You'll add more latter.

7. Dab a little of your leftover frosting onto the bottom of your egg, then plant it into the middle of your cupcake.

4. Repeat with the other two eggs, then add more coconut to cover up any spaces you want.



This s how my cake turned out.

This is how my cake turned out.

After I finished, we cleaned up the house, and had a little Easter party with some friends. This was all that was left of my cake/cupcakes.

Just a smudge of cake, and one little cupcake... >Burp<

Just a smudge of cake, and one little cupcake. I wonder where they went… Burp!

They were really yummy, and I hope you’ll get the chance to make some! My favorite part is the little surprise on the inside :^) Have fun!

Green Tip

Springtime! The perfect time to start a garden. Compost is essential, and making your own is better then buying store bought. We already have a compost bin in our backyard, but here’s a video for how to make your own! (Click here)

Count Eggnog! The Vampier Candy-Cand Reindeer!

Velcome! Velcome to today’s post!  Today I vill teach you how to make vampire Candy-Can Reindeer! After all, it’s almost Christmas! Lots of hot cocoa (I like cocoa as much as I love ice-cream!).  So as always, our family makes more ornaments.  I created this one when I went to a Christmas party.

Surender your eggnog mortals!

Surrender your eggnog mortals!

I called him Count Eggnog. When I came home I decided to make another one.

Need: A candy-cane, some glue, a tissue, two googl-y eyes, some pipe-cleaners and a pair of scissors.

Everything's in black-and-white to add to the

Everything’s in black-and-white to add to the older horror movie effect.

 1. Take your first pipe-cleaner and wrap it around your candy-cane like this.

2. Take a tissue (or a napkin) and tear it in half.

I used tissues but you can also use napkins

3. Now take one and place it

3. Now rip away the excess then distress it as much as you like and repeat with the second pice.

4.Now put some glue on the arm of the candy-cane.

 5. Now wrap the paper around the arm until you can’t feel any glue when you touch it. 6. Repeat on the second arm.

He's looking like a vampire already!

He’s looking like a vampire already!

7. Wrap the second pipe-cleaner around the top of the candy-cane like this.

8. Trim the excess.

Snip snip.

Snip snip.

9. Add on some googl-y eyes and your done (try to use the ones that you don’t need to use glue to make them stick)!

I present to you, Count Peppermint! Ble ble ble!

 I hope you enjoy this but be sure to hide your eggnog. These vampires look hungry!

You have been varned! Ble ble ble!


Green Tip

Put down the DS, and read a book! Find other ways to entertain yourself while cutting back on the electronics.

Candy Wrapper Caft-athon!!!

Hi guys how was your Halloween? For those who went trick-or-treating, I’m pretty sure you already have some candy wrappers all over your house. If your going to throw them away, (or recycle them) WAIT! DON’T MOVE! Why you may ask? Well, you can use them to save the world!!! (actually that was just meant as a joke but you never know). But for real, you can use them for a bunch of fun and cool recycling DIYs.

For those who have been visiting my blog for a while, you might have seen this post I made about candy wrapper flowers. It is very fun and, the best part, if you use actual candy wrappers, it’s recycling!!!

Ok so now I’m going to show you some stuff I thought you should know about using candy wrappers as well as a few links to some other tutorials I think are amazing.

Tips I’ve learned form trial and error

  Ok this is some stuff I’ve learned about using candy wrappers. This is stuff I’ve learned from what I have. This might not apply to every type of candy wrapper you might come across.

 1. I’ve learned that lollypop wrappers are not very good for crafts that need stiff paper (like origami).

 2. You can use candy wrappers for crafts like origami, (You can use candy wrappers for origami!) they’ll just be a lot smaller then how they would originally be (here’s a link to a website full of origami crafts). P.S. Try out the project with actual origami paper first before you use the candy wrappers first.

 3. Try to avoid using hot glue. You could risk melting the plastic (Burning plastic vapor is poisonous! I just want you to be safe.) and you could end up with sticky hot mess.

 4. If your doing a project that needs multiple pieces, take one part and trace it around the other pieces then cut them out.


 1. This one is SO cute! I am defiantly going to do this one. If you don’t have any big plastic wrappers, simply sew the smaller candy wrappers then trim it to the size you want. No-Sew Candy Wrapper Zipper Pouch

 2. Ohhoho, I am so ready to do these! It hurts not to dive in but I don’t have the right kind of shoes! Candy Wrapper Shoes

 3. I am definitely going to make these, but you’ll have to turn the volume all the way up because it’s not the best quality video around. Candy Wrapper Bows

  Now I promise I will make a sequel. When that happens, I’ll show you a few projects I came up with on my own. But until then, DON’T THORW AWAY YOUR CANDY WRAPPERS!!!

Green Tip

Be conservative when you’r making crafts. For example: If you need to use paper, try to use every bit of one sheet before you use a second.  Keep your scraps and you can make new sheets of paper yourself.  I’ll post that tutorial later.  

Sorceress Costume

Hello everyone! I know this is SUPER last minute but you know what they say, better late then never!

Now originally I wanted to make a What Dose the Fox Say Opagugunstyle smashup, but we didn’t have any fabric stores around and if we bought our fabric online, it would come to late. Then I thought of making a Wildstyle costume but I didn’t like the sweatsuit we were going to use. So in the end, I decided to make a modern sorceress costume.

1. So my costume is loosely inspired by Harry Potter so I didn’t add a cape or anything else obvious. Instead, I took a fun patterned shirt, simple jeans and a black jacket since it’s cold.

2. So next you’ll have to gather all of the jewelry that would go good with this costume. Stuff like chains, mystical-y pieces lockets, mismatched earrings, rings, that sort of stuff.

3. Next you’ll try out your hairstyle. You can do it differently but I was going for the kind of crazy sorceress from Harry Potter.

That lady

That lady

So I put my hair up in a really loose, slightly on one side high pony tail. If your going for this then you’ll really want it to look messy and slightly crazy. You can even put ribbons and hair clips if you wanted to. (P.S. My parents have strict rules when it comes to putting photos of me online, so I couldn’t do a good photo to show you my hair. Sorry!)

5. Next you’ll want to see how it looks together. Experiment with your jewelry and mess around with your hair even more.

6. For make-up I didn’t use anything. You can if you want to but I wasn’t in the mood for it.

7. Ok you can simply use weird hand motions and utter gibberish or you can make a wand and utter gibberish. I didn’t have enough time to make one so I borrowed my brother’s instead.

1st Harry Potter wand tutorial

Lavender Wands (I think this is for spa home treatments but it looked pretty nifty)

2nd Harry Potter Wand Tutorial

Little Kid’s Wands

 8. Now to add to the whole sorceress look, I simply took a magical-y book I had on hand (It happened to be the Monster Manual from D&D).

 9. And viola! Your done! Now you can go trick-or-treating or go to a fun party!

I hope you’ve enjoyed todays post and I hope you’ll enjoy this Halloween! You can easily change this up to a more “everyday” wear like I would (parents may not agree). Tell me what you’ll be dressing up for Halloween and maybe you can suggest a how-to as well. Oh, and until then you can watch this video about the history of Halloween.


I don’t have enough time to take a photo so I’ll update that as soon as possible!



Green Tip

When your out trick-or-treating, be sure to not throw your wrappers on the ground!

Pumpkin Candle Holders

So when it was time to harvest our gardens crops, I noticed just how many pumpkins and gourds we grew (gourds are miniature pumpkins)! I mean, we filled a huge basket full of them and put it outside for decor, and there were so many still left in the shed! It would be a shame to just let them rot! There were so many ideas I wanted to try, this was the first one I did.

Need: Small pumpkins (or gourds), a knife, a small candle that you’ll like to use, a pen, a spoon and the kitchen sink (har har, you know, the joke, everything but the kitchen sink?)!

1. Wash your gourds and dry them off.

2. Place the candle over the top of your gourd and trace around it with your marker.

Like this.

Like this.

3. (This is the part when my mom insists on orders me to let her do it so I don’t accidentally cut myself.  CAREFULLY carve out your gourd.

Doing this makes it a lot easier.

Doing this makes it a lot easier.

4. Here, you’ll hollow out your gourd with your spoon

Try to ignore the messy background.

Try to ignore the messy background.

5. Now see if your candle will fit. If not, use your spoon to slowly carve off more of the gourd and see if it fits. But be careful! You don’t want it to fall into the gourd itself!

 Ok, I forgot to make an after photo, I’ll make some more and take a photo when the candles are lit and post. Now when you’re satisfied with your gourd, turn the lights off, light the candle, turn an audio book, sit down and watch the candle flicker into the evening as you enjoy your story and slowly drift into, ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…

Green Tip

 Ok, I know my “green tips” are mainly about how to help the environment but I think this can make you change how you use the internet (and hand over your socks!!!). 


Father’s Day Gift Card

Hi guys.  It’s only a week until Father’s Day so I wanted to show you something you can make for him.  I learned this technic from a book (Show Off, by Stephens & Mann) and I thought it is a really cool way to make a card, so I decided to make one for my dad.  Now that I think about it, I think it would work better for a boy’s birthday card instead of a Father’s Day card, but still, you can use the technic to make a totally different look.


Need: Colored pencils (or markers), some white paper, a glue stick, a pair of scissors and three sheets of colored paper.

1. Fold two pieces of colored paper in half.

2. Cut some slits onto one of the pieces of paper.

Cut the slits on the folded half.

Cut the slits on the folded half.

3. Fold some of the slits like this.

4. This step is kind of hard to explain, fold the paper in and cut some smaller slits into the paper.

5. Now open it and push the steps out.



6. Now add glue to the back of the paper but be careful not to add glue to the steps.

Like this.

Like this.

7. Attach the glued side of the paper to the paper that you folded in half.

8. Trim the excess paper if you need to.

9. Now use your colored pencils (or pens) to draw stuff to add to your card.

Don't worry if you mess up! You can trim of what you don't want.

Don’t worry if you mess up! You can trim of what you don’t want.

10. Cut the drawings out and add glue to the back of them.

11. Add the paper to your card.

For some parts, just add some glue to a little pice of it then attach it to your card.

For some parts, just add some glue to a little pice of it then attach it to your card.

12. You can also draw little details directly onto your card.



13. Now take your other piece of colored paper and cut out a rectangle or a square big enough to fit the bottom of your card.

14. Now glue it onto your card.

15. Now you can write a message.

This is how mine turned out.

What's that little blue thing on that building?

What’s that little blue thing on that building?

It's the Doctor and Amy!

It’s the Doctor and Amy! (from Dr. Who)

I’m really proud of how this turned out.  It took me a while to make some of the drawings.  I’m thinking of making a fairy themed one for my little sister’s birthday.  There are many ways you can make this from Godzilla attacking Tokyo to fairies in a forest garden.  I hope you’ll enjoy this project, until next time.

Green Tip

Start a compost bin. There are a lot of different ways to do it.  Check some out here!