Facorns (Fabric Acorns)

Acorns. Man, who doesn’t love em’? They’re tiny, cute, and hold the power to create a huge tree inside their tiny shells! When I was eight years old, I would cram as many acorns into my pockets whenever I stumbled across an acorn tree, then empty them into jars once I got home.

The jars disappeared, as well as my habits of collecting acorns, as the years progressed, but I never creased to enjoy their natural beauty. Finally, a couple weeks ago, when those little suckers started falling from the trees, I began to collect them again. Pretty soon, I started finding them everywhere, falling out of my coat pockets, and littered all over my room. I contemplated what I should do with them, then I found a small pile of acorn tops missing their bottoms.

I had a “Uricka!” moment, took out some scrap fabric, and came up with this.

These are really easy and fun to make! Here’s what you’ll need.

  1. Some scrap fabric.
  2. A sewing needle.
  3. Some matching thread.
  4. A pair of scissors.
  5. An acorn cap. (To make sure it doesn’t start to decompose, store your acorn caps in a dry area for several days before use. This’ll remove any moisture that might still be there.)
  6. Your trusty hot glue gun.
  7. A sewing pin.
  8. A pen.
  9. Pillow stuffing.

Let’s get started!

Step 1.

fold your fabric in half, put the acorn cap on top, then take your pen and draw a loose acorn shape around it. Be sure to make it a little bigger then you want your actual acorn to be.

Step 2.

Take your sewing pin and put it through your fabric. Then, take your scissors and cut along the lines.

Step 3.

Thread your needle and sew around the perimeter.

Step 4.

Take out your pin, then turn the fabric right side out.

Step 5.

Stuff your facorn with pillow stuffing.

Step 6.

I had fun taking this picture.

I had fun taking this picture.

Re-thread your sewing needle and sew the opening shut.

Step 7.

Fill the acorn cap with hot glue, then quickly put your facorn into the cap before the hot glue can cool.

And you’re done!



The background is a miniature door I got for a birthday present.

Now that you’ve mastered the technique, why not make a couple dozen?

Now comes the hard part, finding out what exactly to do with them! Decided to turn one of them into a removable button and attach it to one of my hats.


What ideas will you come up with for using the facorns? Let me know in the comment section!

Green Tip

Just because it’s getting colder doesn’t mean you need to turn the heater up! Keep them as low as possible, then open all of your windows to let sunlight and warmth inside and bundle up!


Top it Off Top Hat!

Raise your hand up if you know about steampunk.

I do.

I do. (The expresion on her face is priceless!)

Keep your hand up if your into steampunk.

I do.

I do.

If your hand’s still up, hooray!

  Recently, I have been obsessed with the wonderful world of steam, and I have been trying to find ways to show it in my wardrobe. Unfortunately, I’m not anywhere near as advanced as I need to be in sewing, so I can’t make anything like these beauts.

Keep prancing Lindsey!

Keep prancing Lindsey! (Prancing: dancing and playing a musical instrument at the same time)

So for now, I’m going to go in the “accessories” approach.

Steampunk Top Hat

For this DIY, I followed the instructions on this video.

Mini Top Hat

Here are some photos of the hat making process.

I used a part of a cereal box to make the base.

I used a part of a cereal box to make the base.

We didn't have any card stock, so I used a blank card. (They're the same stuff right?)

We didn’t have any card stock, so I used a blank card. (They’re the same stuff right?)

I used duct tape. No one's going to see it underneath the fabric!

I used duct tape. No one’s going to see it underneath the fabric!

Hot glue.

Hot glue.

The top is a little uneven, but that's the beauty of it!

The top is a little uneven, but that’s the beauty of it!

While I waited for the glue to dry, I joined my family watching a Tinker Bell movie.

While I waited for the glue to dry, I joined my family watching a Tinker Bell movie.



I then  finished gluing on the bottom part of the hat, added my ribbon, and more steampunk features. Just in case you think it means gluing on gears, then no.

Just Glue Some Gears On It

The most agonizing part was, I had to wait overnight for it to dry. :^c But it gave me some time to do more research for more steampunk DIYs and inspiration!

My sister's creepy unicorn is the head model. (Don't judge!)

My sister’s creepy unicorn is the head model. (Don’t judge!)

Here’s a closer look.




This is my favorite handmade accessory ever! I’ll definitely be making more. ;^J If you want more mini hats, here’s a link to a tutorial on how to make them out of bottle caps and cardboard.

Mini mini Top Hats

Be prepared for more steampunk in the future! ;^)

Green Tip

After using any electronics that need to be plugged in, pull the plug out. Even if you turn it off, the plug will still guzzle up energy.

UPDATE (8/3/15)

Since this hat is steampunk themed, I swapped the penny for a British coin.

And I also made a white hat with pink lace, a teacup, and a teapot!



Candy Wrapper Caft-athon!!!

Hi guys how was your Halloween? For those who went trick-or-treating, I’m pretty sure you already have some candy wrappers all over your house. If your going to throw them away, (or recycle them) WAIT! DON’T MOVE! Why you may ask? Well, you can use them to save the world!!! (actually that was just meant as a joke but you never know). But for real, you can use them for a bunch of fun and cool recycling DIYs.

For those who have been visiting my blog for a while, you might have seen this post I made about candy wrapper flowers. It is very fun and, the best part, if you use actual candy wrappers, it’s recycling!!!

Ok so now I’m going to show you some stuff I thought you should know about using candy wrappers as well as a few links to some other tutorials I think are amazing.

Tips I’ve learned form trial and error

  Ok this is some stuff I’ve learned about using candy wrappers. This is stuff I’ve learned from what I have. This might not apply to every type of candy wrapper you might come across.

 1. I’ve learned that lollypop wrappers are not very good for crafts that need stiff paper (like origami).

 2. You can use candy wrappers for crafts like origami, (You can use candy wrappers for origami!) they’ll just be a lot smaller then how they would originally be (here’s a link to a website full of origami crafts). P.S. Try out the project with actual origami paper first before you use the candy wrappers first.

 3. Try to avoid using hot glue. You could risk melting the plastic (Burning plastic vapor is poisonous! I just want you to be safe.) and you could end up with sticky hot mess.

 4. If your doing a project that needs multiple pieces, take one part and trace it around the other pieces then cut them out.


 1. This one is SO cute! I am defiantly going to do this one. If you don’t have any big plastic wrappers, simply sew the smaller candy wrappers then trim it to the size you want. No-Sew Candy Wrapper Zipper Pouch

 2. Ohhoho, I am so ready to do these! It hurts not to dive in but I don’t have the right kind of shoes! Candy Wrapper Shoes

 3. I am definitely going to make these, but you’ll have to turn the volume all the way up because it’s not the best quality video around. Candy Wrapper Bows

  Now I promise I will make a sequel. When that happens, I’ll show you a few projects I came up with on my own. But until then, DON’T THORW AWAY YOUR CANDY WRAPPERS!!!

Green Tip

Be conservative when you’r making crafts. For example: If you need to use paper, try to use every bit of one sheet before you use a second.  Keep your scraps and you can make new sheets of paper yourself.  I’ll post that tutorial later.  

Sorceress Costume

Hello everyone! I know this is SUPER last minute but you know what they say, better late then never!

Now originally I wanted to make a What Dose the Fox Say Opagugunstyle smashup, but we didn’t have any fabric stores around and if we bought our fabric online, it would come to late. Then I thought of making a Wildstyle costume but I didn’t like the sweatsuit we were going to use. So in the end, I decided to make a modern sorceress costume.

1. So my costume is loosely inspired by Harry Potter so I didn’t add a cape or anything else obvious. Instead, I took a fun patterned shirt, simple jeans and a black jacket since it’s cold.

2. So next you’ll have to gather all of the jewelry that would go good with this costume. Stuff like chains, mystical-y pieces lockets, mismatched earrings, rings, that sort of stuff.

3. Next you’ll try out your hairstyle. You can do it differently but I was going for the kind of crazy sorceress from Harry Potter.

That lady

That lady

So I put my hair up in a really loose, slightly on one side high pony tail. If your going for this then you’ll really want it to look messy and slightly crazy. You can even put ribbons and hair clips if you wanted to. (P.S. My parents have strict rules when it comes to putting photos of me online, so I couldn’t do a good photo to show you my hair. Sorry!)

5. Next you’ll want to see how it looks together. Experiment with your jewelry and mess around with your hair even more.

6. For make-up I didn’t use anything. You can if you want to but I wasn’t in the mood for it.

7. Ok you can simply use weird hand motions and utter gibberish or you can make a wand and utter gibberish. I didn’t have enough time to make one so I borrowed my brother’s instead.

1st Harry Potter wand tutorial

Lavender Wands (I think this is for spa home treatments but it looked pretty nifty)

2nd Harry Potter Wand Tutorial

Little Kid’s Wands

 8. Now to add to the whole sorceress look, I simply took a magical-y book I had on hand (It happened to be the Monster Manual from D&D).

 9. And viola! Your done! Now you can go trick-or-treating or go to a fun party!

I hope you’ve enjoyed todays post and I hope you’ll enjoy this Halloween! You can easily change this up to a more “everyday” wear like I would (parents may not agree). Tell me what you’ll be dressing up for Halloween and maybe you can suggest a how-to as well. Oh, and until then you can watch this video about the history of Halloween.


I don’t have enough time to take a photo so I’ll update that as soon as possible!



Green Tip

When your out trick-or-treating, be sure to not throw your wrappers on the ground!

Picasso Pillow

Hello everyone. How are you doing this lovely October? I’ve been having a pretty lazy week, and today I decided to rummage through some old stuff I had shoved in my “refashion” drawer. As I did this, I came one of my old pillowcases.



It was really “meh” and too big for my pillows. I originally wanted to turn it into a skirt, but then I found one of my bare pillows and thought otherwise.

Now this isn’t really a tutorial per say (with the normal step-by-step instructions) but it’s pretty simple. So first I laid out a pillow over my pillow case and marked were I wanted to add a hem.

I added about two inches because it's 3-dimentional not 2-dimentional

I added about two inches because it’s 3-dimentional not 2-dimentional

Then after I hemmed it I chopped off the excess fabric.

Wachuncuncuncun - The sewing machine

Wachuncuncuncun – The sewing machine

Next I cut out two pieces of white fabric and laid it down on my pillow then pinned them in place.

Sorry it's blurry!

Then I sewed them in place and removed the pins. Now I took my sharpie and made a nose and a smile.

Noes and smily face

 And then I sewed along my lines with a bright yellow thread.

I think the color brings out the face, don't you?

I think the color brings out the face, don’t you?

And now I gave my little Picasso, little button eyes.

Eye see you!

Eye see you!

And now I have a little sleeping buddy to watch over me when I sleep (I think I should have sewn fabric on for eyes instead of buttons so it wouldn’t poke me in the head!). You can also use this basic technique for clothes too. I wanted to make one for my closet but I didn’t have any blank shirts to do it on. I hope you enjoyed this project as much as I did and I hope it isn’t confusing since I didn’t do my usual step-by-step instructions. As for now, I’m going to, *Yawn*, ketch some, ZZzzzzzzzzzz…

My attempt to do the

My attempt to do the “blurry real world as fading into dream world” photo shot.

Green Tip

When your done eating, wipe off the excess food into the trash (or if there are uncooked greens on the plate then put those in the compost) before you rinse it to save water (and also to avoid cleaning out the leftover fish from the sink :^P).

Earth Day Special

Hello everyone, it’s EARTH DAY!!! Earth Day, as you can guess, celebrates the Earth. I enjoy recycling before putting the recyclables into the recycling can, you can do a lot with candy wrappers, old jeans, safety pins, and if you have plants, you can make compost. For those who don’t know what compost is or how to make it, watch this.

Composting – Make it Happen: A guide to backyard compost

Have you ever heard of Schoolhouse Rock? It’s a bunch of educational music videos for kids. The same people made Schoolhouse Earth, it’s similar only with talking polar bears and it’s about stuff you can do to help the Earth. If you can find it on DVD or on Netflix then you should watch that instead of what I’m linking you to because this doesn’t have all of the songs and doesn’t work on mobile devices. It was the closest thing that I could find.

Schoolhouse Earth

A great way to celebrate Earth Day is to visit the farmer’s market or eat from your garden. Some foods in stores have insect killer on them or preservatives (BLEGE!!!). And foods grown in other parts of the world have to be transported and a lot of transportation releases carbon dioxide, which pollutes the air (even more BLEGE!!!). Plus, it’s healthier to eat fresh foods and there are some tasty alternatives too. There is one blogger that makes my mouth water from the yummy healthy goodness. (Seriously people, OREO, PANCAKES, that are GOOD FOR YOU :^O GENUSE!!!!)

Chocolate Covered Katie – The Healthy Desert Blog

Easter Egg Ornaments

Hello everyone. It’s Easter! So near the beginning of my blog my top commenter/visitor asked me if I could do any German crafts since I live here. Unfortunately the only things I could find were either paper cutouts crafts (Dresden paper craft) or traditional beer recipes. Finally I found something but it was for Christmas and that is WAY too far to the end of the year :^[

Recently I found out about a traditional craft because it was all over my village. It’s like decorating your tree for Christmas, only outside and with egg ornaments.  Now I apologise if the lighting is weird but I took the photos for the tutorial at different times of the day.

Need: White paint, a paint brush, a cup filled with water (or some rubbing alcohol and a Q-tip – because my eggs had a stamp on them), a couple of raw eggs, a straight pin, some hot glue, some wire, some ribbon (or string) and what you want to decorate your eggs with (glitter glue, paint, pens), some wire, a wire cutter, a plastic cup, scissors and a place to hang them up.

1. Use the rubbing alcohol and Q-tip to rub off the ink.

Rub rub rub.

Rub rub rub.

But if you are having trouble with rubbing the ink off (or impatient like me) then use the white paint to cover it up.

Layer by layer.

Layer by layer.

2. If you are a kid like me then you would like an adult to help you with these next few steps.  When your egg is done drying take it into the kitchen along with your cup and sewing pin and poke a hole through the top but be careful, eggs are delicate but tough when you try to poke a hole in it.

Little baby hole.

Little baby hole.

3. This step will make step 5 easier. Stick your pin all the way into the egg, rotate it around a few times and shake it like crazy!

Shake it like a maraka!

Shake it like a maraka!

4. Now poke a bigger hole in the opposite part of the egg.

An even bigger hole.

An even bigger hole.

5. Now this step is kind off hard, you have to blow really hard through the small hole so that the innards come out of the bigger one.

I vant to suck it's youlk! Ble ble ble!

I vant to drain it of its youlk! Ble ble ble!

6. Now that your done rinse off your egg, dry it off and set it in your egg carton.







7. While your eggs are drying take your wire and wire cutters and cut off a little bit of the wire off.



8. Take your wire and twist it into a shape like this and snip off the excess. Set it aside for later.

I made the loop by bending it onto my finger then twisting the rest.

I made the loop by bending it onto my finger then twisting the rest.

Wait a minute! What about the egg’s innards? Well you can be crazy and waste it…



…Or you can use it to make french crepes like any sane person would. I mean, it’s not like a puffer fish where you have to do it exactly as the instructions or you die (personal, I think it’s ridiculous to eat something that hazardous to your health), if anything, it saves waste from the trash and I like being “green”. Besides, how can you resist THIS?

Besides, how can you resist THIS?


9. Now back to business, this is the fun part because you get to decorate your eggs! Now if you want to dye them like normal Easter eggs then you need to hold them down because hollow eggs float. And if you used paint then that part wont take egg dye…

But that just makes it interesting.

I don’t know, it makes it interesting.

…Or you can decorate it with a pen like this one…



…Or draw a goofy face…

I think I broke something!

I think I broke something!

…Or you can try unexpected things…



…OR you can paint it.

I covered the other half with tape.

I covered the other half with tape.

10. When you are done decorating add some hot glue to the top of the egg.

It looks like some of the egg whites didn't get washed off.

It looks like some of the egg whites didn’t get washed off.

11. Now quickly slide the wire, hook, thingy into your hole and add more glue to secure it.

I'm supprised how I got these photos taken before the glue dride.

I’m surprised how I got these photos taken before the glue dried.

12. After the hot glue dries completely, take your ribbon and slide it through your hook and tie a knot.

Ohhh festive!

Ohhh festive!

13. Trim off the excess.



Now I didn’t have enough for the tree in our backyard so I added them around the house.

The shoe holder.

The shoe holder.

The door onto the 2nd floor.

The door.

Wow this was a lot of fun to do. There are unlimited possibilities for this project, my tutorial was just the tip of the spear. I can’t wait for Easter. See you later!