Statement Bead Necklace

A lot of crafters have crazy amounts of their favorite craft supplies; whether it’s duct-tape, scrapbook paper, or glitter-glue. In my closet I have a couple hundred beads stashed inside.

Bad lighting.

And that’s not even all of them!

I haven’t done a DIY that involves my beads in a long time, and I really wanted to use some of my cool glass statement beads in a project.

Most of these are from Turkey

Most of these are from Turkey!

After reading a lot of craft magazines while listening to an audio book (that’s what I do when I try to come up with ideas off of the top of my head), something caught my eye.

Yes, that's an Elvis Presley background.

Yes, that’s an Elvis Presley background. So sue me!

This was an old necklace that I made a while back for a costume, and I could almost hear it saying,

“Gee wiz, you still haven’t made a DIY about me?”

So now that the angry necklace has been established, let the DIY commence!

Need: Enough ribbon to go around your head plus a couple more inches, a pair of fine tipped scissors, and a statement bead.

When choosing your ribbon, go for a complimenting color, not something too big or patterned. Also make sure that the ribbon will be able to go through your bead twice.

Step 1:

Put the ends of your ribbon together, and thread your ribbon through the doubled ribbon.

Step 2:

Tie the two ends of the ribbon together, making sure that you have about half an inch at the end.

Step 3:

Add a couple more knots so the bead won’t slip through.

I'm knot happy. Just had to put that one in there :^)

I’m knot happy. Just had to put that one in there :^)

Nice and secure.

Nice and secure.

Step 4:

Trim the ends so they’re even and won’t fray.


Which necklace is your favorite?

Which necklace is your favorite?

It’s simple, easy, and a great way to show off your pretty beads! Just be sure to start out with a lot of ribbon or you’ll have trouble putting it on!

Green Tip

Try to use rainwater when caring for plants and gardens.


Top it Off Top Hat!

Raise your hand up if you know about steampunk.

I do.

I do. (The expresion on her face is priceless!)

Keep your hand up if your into steampunk.

I do.

I do.

If your hand’s still up, hooray!

  Recently, I have been obsessed with the wonderful world of steam, and I have been trying to find ways to show it in my wardrobe. Unfortunately, I’m not anywhere near as advanced as I need to be in sewing, so I can’t make anything like these beauts.

Keep prancing Lindsey!

Keep prancing Lindsey! (Prancing: dancing and playing a musical instrument at the same time)

So for now, I’m going to go in the “accessories” approach.

Steampunk Top Hat

For this DIY, I followed the instructions on this video.

Mini Top Hat

Here are some photos of the hat making process.

I used a part of a cereal box to make the base.

I used a part of a cereal box to make the base.

We didn't have any card stock, so I used a blank card. (They're the same stuff right?)

We didn’t have any card stock, so I used a blank card. (They’re the same stuff right?)

I used duct tape. No one's going to see it underneath the fabric!

I used duct tape. No one’s going to see it underneath the fabric!

Hot glue.

Hot glue.

The top is a little uneven, but that's the beauty of it!

The top is a little uneven, but that’s the beauty of it!

While I waited for the glue to dry, I joined my family watching a Tinker Bell movie.

While I waited for the glue to dry, I joined my family watching a Tinker Bell movie.



I then  finished gluing on the bottom part of the hat, added my ribbon, and more steampunk features. Just in case you think it means gluing on gears, then no.

Just Glue Some Gears On It

The most agonizing part was, I had to wait overnight for it to dry. :^c But it gave me some time to do more research for more steampunk DIYs and inspiration!

My sister's creepy unicorn is the head model. (Don't judge!)

My sister’s creepy unicorn is the head model. (Don’t judge!)

Here’s a closer look.




This is my favorite handmade accessory ever! I’ll definitely be making more. ;^J If you want more mini hats, here’s a link to a tutorial on how to make them out of bottle caps and cardboard.

Mini mini Top Hats

Be prepared for more steampunk in the future! ;^)

Green Tip

After using any electronics that need to be plugged in, pull the plug out. Even if you turn it off, the plug will still guzzle up energy.

UPDATE (8/3/15)

Since this hat is steampunk themed, I swapped the penny for a British coin.

And I also made a white hat with pink lace, a teacup, and a teapot!




YES! It is officially springtime! HUZA! To kick off the season, I’m going to teach you how to make a colorful, bright, “Springy” DIY.  Best of all, it’s recycled! Presenting, the Springumathings!




  1. A bottle cap. Any type.
  2. Some small items that can it inside said bottle cap. (beads, earrings, broken jewelry, etc.)
  3. A hot glue gun or really good glue.

 1. Decide how you want to arrange your beads.



2. Now glue your pieces into place.

You have been warned.

Keep layering until your happy with your results. You can add a safety pin and use it as a button, glue it onto a headband, or use it as fridge magnet!

You can also use the metal ones, but you have to be even more careful with those. Hot metal can hurt! (believe me I know).

Green Tip

Did you know that one million plastic bags are used a minute? (I learned this from a National Geographic’s book). Instead of using plastic or paper, use fabric bags when you go shopping instead.

Rock-ing Rings

Many people collect things. Such as snow globs, post cards rocks etc. Since I have quite the rock collection, I really wanted to come up with a fun DIY that uses them. After experimenting with some wire, I came up with these.



Need: A small to medium sized rock, some wire, wire cutters, and a pair of pliers.

1. Take some wire and wrap it around a round object about the same size of your finger a couple of times (I did it five times).

2. Use your wire cutters to cut the wire.



3. Now take the ends of the wire and wrap it around the loop, ring, thingy.

4. cut a long strip of wire (I don’t really use a ruler so I just guessed) and wrap it around your new ring (do it tightly. the closer the strands are, the better).

You’ll need to secure it before you start wrapping it around.



5. Take the excess wire and wrap it around your chosen rock (use your pliers if it helps).

When your done, secure the ring by wrapping the rest onto the ring.

When your done, secure the ring by wrapping the rest onto the ring.



I think it looks really professional and I gave a few to my siblings and friends (even my brother wanted one). Now before you start I advise you find the rocks you’d like to use BEFORE you start not the other way (you might end up waiting forever until you find the perfect rock). You can also tumble a few like I did but I have to warn you, it’ll make it harder to wrap the wire around the rock.

 If there’s anything you’d like to see over here just let me know in the comment section. For now, I’m going to use my ring of power to conquer middle earth (Bwahaha!).

Green Tip

Always recycle (if possible).

Chain Earrings and Funny Things

  What’s up internet?  How about a jewelry tutorial?

  I was trying to make a fancy-smancy bracelet by linking jump-rings with beads but about halfway through I realized how horrible it was turning out.

Not very attractive, is it?

 But I still wanted to use the already bead-dazzled jump rings for something. So I took out some earring hooks and began to work my magic.

Need: Beads, two earring hooks, a wire bender, six big jump rings and six small jump rings

Yes, I have the beads held inside a broken spoon. So sure me

Yes, I have the beads held inside a broken spoon. So sue me

 1. Open your big jump rings, then add about six beads onto your jump rings, and then then close it.

Fancy camera angle

Fancy camera angle

2. Add a small jump ring onto your bigger jump ring and add on one of your earring hooks. Now close it and repeat.

First do this.

Then this.

4. One more time!

You can add on as many as you'd like but I didn't want it longer then this.

You can add on as many as you’d like but I didn’t want it longer then this.

5. Now make it’s clone!!! (Bwahahaha!)

 I feel so chic wearing these and I hope you do to. Tell me what colors you’d prefer in this little tally and I’ll tell you the answers in my next post!

Green Tip

Did you know that most lipsticks contains fish scales (got that from an app I have called Weird Facts)? I know! Gross! So be sure to read everything on the label of products before you buy them. And if you can’t pronounce some of the words, look it up online. You’ll be surprised (and maybe even horrified) at what the answers are.

Sorceress Costume

Hello everyone! I know this is SUPER last minute but you know what they say, better late then never!

Now originally I wanted to make a What Dose the Fox Say Opagugunstyle smashup, but we didn’t have any fabric stores around and if we bought our fabric online, it would come to late. Then I thought of making a Wildstyle costume but I didn’t like the sweatsuit we were going to use. So in the end, I decided to make a modern sorceress costume.

1. So my costume is loosely inspired by Harry Potter so I didn’t add a cape or anything else obvious. Instead, I took a fun patterned shirt, simple jeans and a black jacket since it’s cold.

2. So next you’ll have to gather all of the jewelry that would go good with this costume. Stuff like chains, mystical-y pieces lockets, mismatched earrings, rings, that sort of stuff.

3. Next you’ll try out your hairstyle. You can do it differently but I was going for the kind of crazy sorceress from Harry Potter.

That lady

That lady

So I put my hair up in a really loose, slightly on one side high pony tail. If your going for this then you’ll really want it to look messy and slightly crazy. You can even put ribbons and hair clips if you wanted to. (P.S. My parents have strict rules when it comes to putting photos of me online, so I couldn’t do a good photo to show you my hair. Sorry!)

5. Next you’ll want to see how it looks together. Experiment with your jewelry and mess around with your hair even more.

6. For make-up I didn’t use anything. You can if you want to but I wasn’t in the mood for it.

7. Ok you can simply use weird hand motions and utter gibberish or you can make a wand and utter gibberish. I didn’t have enough time to make one so I borrowed my brother’s instead.

1st Harry Potter wand tutorial

Lavender Wands (I think this is for spa home treatments but it looked pretty nifty)

2nd Harry Potter Wand Tutorial

Little Kid’s Wands

 8. Now to add to the whole sorceress look, I simply took a magical-y book I had on hand (It happened to be the Monster Manual from D&D).

 9. And viola! Your done! Now you can go trick-or-treating or go to a fun party!

I hope you’ve enjoyed todays post and I hope you’ll enjoy this Halloween! You can easily change this up to a more “everyday” wear like I would (parents may not agree). Tell me what you’ll be dressing up for Halloween and maybe you can suggest a how-to as well. Oh, and until then you can watch this video about the history of Halloween.


I don’t have enough time to take a photo so I’ll update that as soon as possible!



Green Tip

When your out trick-or-treating, be sure to not throw your wrappers on the ground!

Flower Earrings

Hello fello DIYrs! Have you ever heard of bead weaving? I don’t know what it’s officially called (I don’t really use the dictionary since it burns off my flesh.)(Ahhh! It burns!!!), but it’s like a combination of sewing, weaving and beading. I’ve been trying it out for a while and I’ve found some cool techniques to show you (they’re mainly flowers). Since bead weaving is kind of hard to explain with all of the thread and beads everywhere, I did this whole tutorial on a big pice of paper and used a marker to show you what direction your supposed to go. The quality might be a little weird because I did it on white paper (It’s HARD to keep it clean from rouge glitter!) but I hope you enjoy it all the same.

Need: Five Teardrop Beads (These are the types I used but you can experiment with other types of beads but you might need a bigger or smaller number.), two jump rings, a pair of pliers, some thread (I didn’t have any beading thread so I used regular sewing thread instead) a small pair of sharp scissors and a beading needle.

Ok a beading needle is like a sewing needle and you can make do with one, but the difference is were the hole is, it’s about the same size of the needle. The reason is that the whole needle has to go through the beads, and some of them are tinny.

The hole's so small the camera couldn't see it!

The hole’s so small the camera couldn’t even see it!

1. Thread the needle.

My thread is all curly!

My thread is all curly!

2. String your beads on.

It helps to keep all your beads in this "flower" position.

It helps to keep all your beads in this “flower” position.

3. “Sew” your needle through the bead at the end of the strand.

Does the little arrow help?


4. Now “sew” through the other beads.

I really hope this isn't confusing.

I really hope this isn’t confusing.

5. Now tighten it really good, you don’t want a sloppy wavy flower.

Pull each pice of thread individually.

Pull each pice of thread individually.

6. Tie it in a knot, then tie one of your jump rings on.

It's kind off hard to see

It’s kind off hard to see the jump ring but it’s there

7. Then take your scissors and cut off all of the remaining string from the flower but be careful not to cut the knot off!

Snip. Snip.

Snip. Snip.

8. And finally, use your pliers to open your second jump ring and attach it to your flower. Then, depending on what your using the charm for, close it with your pliers.

Now you know how to make cute little flower charms! You can make a second one then add on a pair of earring hooks.

It's easy!

It’s easy!

  If you liked this DIY please let me know because I LOVE it when you give me feedback. And if you would like to see something, like how to make a chocolate cake or how to make press plants then let me know. I can’t wait to hear from you!!! :^]

Green Tip

When your cloths get too torn up to donate, cut them up into small pieces and use them as stuffing instead of buying it at a store.