Weeping Angels! (Don’t Blink…)

Ok, this is a question for all of you Doctor Who fans out there. What is the scariest alien monster out there? (let me know in a comment). The one monster, that scares me more than anything else in this dangerous world, are the Weeping Angels (Google them and you’ll see why, I’m too scared to post a picture!).

So one day, my mom asked me to make her one out of this tutorial.

Weeping Angel!

I was pretty skeptical at first, then I thought,”Hey, this might be fun.” So I took out my glue gun, and began to make my worst nightmare become reality.



Nice to meet ya!

 Pink permanent marker stain.

So after getting permission, I started to fix chop off the doll’s hair.

That's a lot of hair.

That’s a lot of hair.

Already it looked much better.



Then I took out a Monster High doll stand and attached the doll to it. With a lot of hot glue and fishing line, it worked.

Hot glue and fishing lin can do anything.

No one’ll see it!

Next, I cut out two pairs of identical wings from cardboard.

Wing one.

Wing one.

I didn’t take any photos of me chopping off the doll’s hands, making it’s dress, or glueing the wings on (oops!) but I did take one of what it looked like once I finished glueing the feathers on.

Neon purple feathers... What's not to love?

Neon purple feathers… What’s not to love?

Then we had to spray paint it… It took forever to find one can of granite textured spray paint, but we eventually found a can. Now for the fun part, SPRAY PAINTING TIME!!!

Safety first!

Safety first!

Le back.

Le back.

Le front.

Le front.

And vwalla! It’s finished!



This was surprisingly more fun then I thought it would be! And, to top it off, it’s not a real one so I don’t have to worry about ARGHHHHH!!! (I blinked)



 Greep Tip

When buying food, don’t buy individually packaged products. When you do, you end up making more trash, and wast more resources. 


Toilet Paper Sorter, Thing-y

You know how I just HATE having to do my crafting in a mess? Here’s a reason why. Messes clogs up your creativity and also drains your energy. Under one of my drawers is a wooded box full of toilet paper tubes.

It's a lot

It’s a lot

And I also have some hair accessories that need some MAJOR organization.



I also have some tape that I have hidden in my closet that I’ve been meaning to use. Today’s DIY is going to be a collaboration of all three.

Need:Zebra print

  1. Some tape (It doesn’t matter if it’s patterned)
  2. A pair of sizers.
  3. An empty toilet paper roll.
  4. Most important: Hair ties, bobby pins, clips, anything you can come up with that can be stored on the ] roll. If not, then it’s just going to be a toilet paper roll covered in tape.

1. Put tape over your toilet paper tube. Make sure your tape is an inch longer then the tube.

2. Use your scissors to cut the extra tape in half down the middle.

3. Fold the tape over so that it’s covering the inside.

4. Repeat until the entire tube is covered.




Now use it to store your hair ties, clips, bobby pins, or anything else you can think of!

Green Tip

Do you know why I hate pesticides and fertilizers (they’re evil)? Watch this and find out! https://www.khanacademy.org/embed_video?v=xGBA1_VVvGI” target=”_blank”>Click this button


Candy Wrapper Caft-athon!!!

Hi guys how was your Halloween? For those who went trick-or-treating, I’m pretty sure you already have some candy wrappers all over your house. If your going to throw them away, (or recycle them) WAIT! DON’T MOVE! Why you may ask? Well, you can use them to save the world!!! (actually that was just meant as a joke but you never know). But for real, you can use them for a bunch of fun and cool recycling DIYs.

For those who have been visiting my blog for a while, you might have seen this post I made about candy wrapper flowers. It is very fun and, the best part, if you use actual candy wrappers, it’s recycling!!!

Ok so now I’m going to show you some stuff I thought you should know about using candy wrappers as well as a few links to some other tutorials I think are amazing.

Tips I’ve learned form trial and error

  Ok this is some stuff I’ve learned about using candy wrappers. This is stuff I’ve learned from what I have. This might not apply to every type of candy wrapper you might come across.

 1. I’ve learned that lollypop wrappers are not very good for crafts that need stiff paper (like origami).

 2. You can use candy wrappers for crafts like origami, (You can use candy wrappers for origami!) they’ll just be a lot smaller then how they would originally be (here’s a link to a website full of origami crafts). P.S. Try out the project with actual origami paper first before you use the candy wrappers first.

 3. Try to avoid using hot glue. You could risk melting the plastic (Burning plastic vapor is poisonous! I just want you to be safe.) and you could end up with sticky hot mess.

 4. If your doing a project that needs multiple pieces, take one part and trace it around the other pieces then cut them out.


 1. This one is SO cute! I am defiantly going to do this one. If you don’t have any big plastic wrappers, simply sew the smaller candy wrappers then trim it to the size you want. No-Sew Candy Wrapper Zipper Pouch

 2. Ohhoho, I am so ready to do these! It hurts not to dive in but I don’t have the right kind of shoes! Candy Wrapper Shoes

 3. I am definitely going to make these, but you’ll have to turn the volume all the way up because it’s not the best quality video around. Candy Wrapper Bows

  Now I promise I will make a sequel. When that happens, I’ll show you a few projects I came up with on my own. But until then, DON’T THORW AWAY YOUR CANDY WRAPPERS!!!

Green Tip

Be conservative when you’r making crafts. For example: If you need to use paper, try to use every bit of one sheet before you use a second.  Keep your scraps and you can make new sheets of paper yourself.  I’ll post that tutorial later.  

Picasso Pillow

Hello everyone. How are you doing this lovely October? I’ve been having a pretty lazy week, and today I decided to rummage through some old stuff I had shoved in my “refashion” drawer. As I did this, I came one of my old pillowcases.



It was really “meh” and too big for my pillows. I originally wanted to turn it into a skirt, but then I found one of my bare pillows and thought otherwise.

Now this isn’t really a tutorial per say (with the normal step-by-step instructions) but it’s pretty simple. So first I laid out a pillow over my pillow case and marked were I wanted to add a hem.

I added about two inches because it's 3-dimentional not 2-dimentional

I added about two inches because it’s 3-dimentional not 2-dimentional

Then after I hemmed it I chopped off the excess fabric.

Wachuncuncuncun - The sewing machine

Wachuncuncuncun – The sewing machine

Next I cut out two pieces of white fabric and laid it down on my pillow then pinned them in place.

Sorry it's blurry!

Then I sewed them in place and removed the pins. Now I took my sharpie and made a nose and a smile.

Noes and smily face

 And then I sewed along my lines with a bright yellow thread.

I think the color brings out the face, don't you?

I think the color brings out the face, don’t you?

And now I gave my little Picasso, little button eyes.

Eye see you!

Eye see you!

And now I have a little sleeping buddy to watch over me when I sleep (I think I should have sewn fabric on for eyes instead of buttons so it wouldn’t poke me in the head!). You can also use this basic technique for clothes too. I wanted to make one for my closet but I didn’t have any blank shirts to do it on. I hope you enjoyed this project as much as I did and I hope it isn’t confusing since I didn’t do my usual step-by-step instructions. As for now, I’m going to, *Yawn*, ketch some, ZZzzzzzzzzzz…

My attempt to do the

My attempt to do the “blurry real world as fading into dream world” photo shot.

Green Tip

When your done eating, wipe off the excess food into the trash (or if there are uncooked greens on the plate then put those in the compost) before you rinse it to save water (and also to avoid cleaning out the leftover fish from the sink :^P).

Soda Can Charms

Hi guys! You know soda cans, the ones with the wired openers that you pop into the can? I don’t know if my description is helping but maybe this will?

You know, this thingy?

You know, this “thingy”?\ Ignore the weirdo spots ok?

Well, if you ever drink soda in a can like this then you can (har har) take the soda popper “thingy” and use it to make cool charms! Here’s the tutorial.

Need: Some thin wire (preferably a color that matches your thingy), a thingy, two beads (they have to be able to fit inside the two holes in the “thingy”), two jump rings, some wire cutters and pliers

I'm trying to shot the photos at "artistic" angles.

 1.  Cut off some wire (Sorry I forgot to measure it for you!!!).

I just cut off a ridiculous amount, just to be safe.

It looks like I just cut off a ridiculous amount but you will need about this much.

2. Wrap the wire around the middle of one end until it’s secure.



3. Thread on a bead.

I have no idea what caused this photo to look weird. "_

I have no idea what caused this photo to look weird. :^|

4. Now start wrapping the wire around the next part (I hope this is making sense).

See the pattern?

See the pattern?

5. Then add your next bead.

I'm pretty sure you can guess what happens next...

I’m pretty sure you can guess what happens next…

6. Then wrap the wire around the end of the “thingy”.

... If you've guessed this, then congratulations! Your the winner!!! <- Gameshow hostess me

… If you’ve guessed this, then congratulations! Your the winner!!! <- Gameshow hostess me.

7. Now you wrap the end of the wire through your loops a couple of times until you think it’s secure enough.

Does this make sense?

Does this make sense?

8. Cut off the excess wire.

Don't worry! I'll use the wire for another project.

Don’t worry! I’ll use the wire for another project.

9. Open one the jump rings.

Artistic shot!

Artistic shot!

10. Now “thread” it through wire.

It might be hard to squeeze it though.

It might be hard to squeeze it though.

Funny thing, the original jump rings I  wanted to use wouldn’t fit like in the photo above so I had to use these instead.

So when I used these instead they worked because they’re made up of thiner wire.

11. Add your second jump ring.

12. Now close your jump ring, and your finished!



 Here’s a photo of the finished product on a necklace.

Here it is in color.

 I hope you’ve enjoyed this post as much as I did and I hope you’ll let me know! Until then you can watch a totally random music video (I guess it’s not totally random since it involves Lindsey Stirling!)!

Lindsey Stirling Music Video!!!

 Green tip

When your done with an electronic and decide to do something else, be sure to TURN IT OFF!

The Scoop on Indoor Plants

  Hi guys! Did know that having an indoor plant can help reduce colds by 30 percent!?! And they can help reduce the need of air fresheners? It is very important to have them around for they can help make oxygen from carbon dioxide.  If you would like some more info about how indoor plants help, I found a  blog that can tell you the benefits, here’s the link

Ok so know you know how they can help but what about what types are some of the best choices? I learned about some of the best plants from one of my Girl Scout handbooks but I know that not all of you are Girl Scouts. What I did was look up the name of a good, air purifying plant, and how to take care of it. Not all of the information is from the same websites but, if you want to,once you’ve learned about a plant that sounds like something you want to get, go to your local plant nursery and pick one up for your home. It’s easy I promise!

The Link List

Now, have you noticed how much air fresheners you use in your house? Have you done a little research about what’s in the fragrant perfumes or how it’s made? Air fresheners can be really bad for your health.  So that is why I think it’s a good idea to use scented plants and open windows instead of these bad chemical filled fragrances. Here’s a list about how to take care of some strong smelling plants that you can use instead (maybe we can put some in the bathroom ;^] ).

The Second Link List

I really hope that these links will help you find good plants to keep indoors! If you liked todays post then let me know and don’t forget to tell me what you’d like to see!

Green Tip

When you’re done with something you want to recycle and it still has food inside be sure to rinse it out.  It will help deter pests from your recycle area and will help keep things smelling nice 🙂

Summer Fun!

Hi guys I know it’s been a while since my last post and a summer special was way overdo, but I haven’t been on the computer for a while  and I was really busy.

When I was surfing the net (Har har. Summer. Beaches. Surfing? Never mind.) looking for fun, summer projects I came across this. I’m definitely going to try some of these projects sometime. It has everything from jewelry to mustaches to duct tape to cool, recycling DIYs, almost everything I love to make (though I’m still a beginner)! I also came across this awesome blog, DIY | Trash To Couture, I’m totally going to try some of these DIYs. I love how this person takes old stuff (in the clothes, pillow cases department) and turning them into something awesome (that’s kind-off what I’ve been trying to teach people on my blog right?)!

I feel like I’m forgetting something… Oh, right! Ice-Cream! I never said this, but I have an obsession with ice-cream. So ever since I discovered Chocolate Covered Katie, and that it’s now summer time, I’ve been trying to convince my parents to make every ice-cream recipe she’s made! Here is a link to a recipe I want to try Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream. We made the peanut butter smoothies once, we shoved two bananas, a lot of peanut butter into a blender and added some milk to help it blend. It was really good though. I promise I’ll post more summer DIYs in the future and maybe I’ll throw in a few surprises…


Green Tip

Did you know that the average family of three people can save up to $150 and 3,200 gallons of water per year if they turn the water off when they shampoo and condition their hair? (I learned this fact on a shampoo bottle)