Earth Day Special

Hello everyone, it’s EARTH DAY!!! Earth Day, as you can guess, celebrates the Earth. I enjoy recycling before putting the recyclables into the recycling can, you can do a lot with candy wrappers, old jeans, safety pins, and if you have plants, you can make compost. For those who don’t know what compost is or how to make it, watch this.

Composting – Make it Happen: A guide to backyard compost

Have you ever heard of Schoolhouse Rock? It’s a bunch of educational music videos for kids. The same people made Schoolhouse Earth, it’s similar only with talking polar bears and it’s about stuff you can do to help the Earth. If you can find it on DVD or on Netflix then you should watch that instead of what I’m linking you to because this doesn’t have all of the songs and doesn’t work on mobile devices. It was the closest thing that I could find.

Schoolhouse Earth

A great way to celebrate Earth Day is to visit the farmer’s market or eat from your garden. Some foods in stores have insect killer on them or preservatives (BLEGE!!!). And foods grown in other parts of the world have to be transported and a lot of transportation releases carbon dioxide, which pollutes the air (even more BLEGE!!!). Plus, it’s healthier to eat fresh foods and there are some tasty alternatives too. There is one blogger that makes my mouth water from the yummy healthy goodness. (Seriously people, OREO, PANCAKES, that are GOOD FOR YOU :^O GENUSE!!!!)

Chocolate Covered Katie – The Healthy Desert Blog


Easter Specal

On one of the roads to my village I saw THIS.

Hey bunnies!

Hay bunnies!

These are SO funny, plus, today is Easter! For kids, there’s a lot of candy, chocolate bunnies, egg hunts and the visit from the Easter Bunny.

Funny Jack Frost & Easter Bunny Scene (Rise of the Guardians)

But I wonder, where did these fun traditions come from. History time!

The History of Easter

Wow, at first I though the Easter Bunny was made up for the economy or something.

If you like decorating but you don’t want to go overboard then you can watch this.  It also has a cute idea for little kids.

3 Cute n’ Easy Easter DIYs

If you have a sweet tooth (like me) then you can try these oh so delicious looking and healthy treats.

39 Healthy Easter Recipes – Secretly GOOD for You

Spring-Time Special

So it’s spring-time (finlay!) no more bulky, itchy winter coats and frostbite. Even though I love every season spring is in my top 2 list so I am going to do a SEASON SPECIAL today! (Yay! ) Now in our back yard we have a HUGE  space that is just begging to be used, and springtime is the time for life to begin again. So for the first of this springtime special I’m going to show you a video with a few gardening tips.

How To Be A Gardener 7- The Productive Garden

Do you want to know what is a good thing for your garden, WORMS! Now some of you are probably thinking ” Worms? Eww! How can gross, slimy, fish bait be good for a garden?” Well my friends, there is more to worms than you think.

Benefits of Earthworms| Farm Raised Classics With P. Allen Smith

Ok one of the reasons that springtime is one of my favorite seasons is because of spring cleaning and that gives me an excuse to get rid of some old stuff to donate and re-decorating my room. This video is a cool way to decor your room and keep it organized.

DIY Room Organization/ Spring Cleaning and Decor

So we have the spring cleaning, wormoligy and gardening tips down. A few days ago a friend of mine made me a flower crown I loved it but there were a few problems, 1. It is very fragile especially now that it’s a few weeks old and 2. I couldn’t wear it in fear of ripping the fragile flowers. I still have it hanging in my room but I wanted a way to wear flowers without being so fragile and hurting the plant. I am going to do this DIY as soon as I can find fake flowers.

Awesome Floral Crown How-To… Easy to Make!

As I was looking through some of my favorite blogs I found a cup-cake recipe that I was DIYing (Har har.) to try. It looks SO yummy and the tittle had a spring-time feel to it don’t you think ?

Chocolate Covered Katie – The Healthy Dessert Blog

I hope you enjoy todays special post as much as I do and if you have a question or suggestion for my blog please tell me in a comment.

St. Patrick’s Day Special

Hi everyone! Ok Saint Patrick’s Day is almost here and I was looking through the internet for an idea of what to do for the holiday. There was one blog that drew my attention. It had 50 ideas for this festive holiday unfortunately there was no way I could do them all for you. Here is the link to it and you can choose which one you would like to do for the holiday.

50 BEST Saint Patrick’s Day Crafts and Recipes 

A tradition for the holiday is to wear green, if not then you will be an instant pinching target. If you don’t have any articles of clothing in that color then you can make a bracelet or a scarf or a hat. If you want to know the origin of this holiday then you can watch this video:

The history behind St. Patrick’s Day

Here is a little story of a thing I did for the holiday a few years ago. Back when I was in public school I visited the library at least ONCE  a day (I love to read). The librarians were really nice and one day one of them took out a leprechaun but he didn’t have the right a hat (it was a Christmas hoodie). I asked why and was told they had lost it. I decided I would make a hat for the leprechaun. When I came home I told my mom about the leprechaun and asked for some help (I wasn’t allowed to use the hot glue gun yet). The next day I gave the old hat and the new one to the librarian and she was really happy. I got a lovely letter the next day.

That really made my day 😀 And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for, the winners from the safety-pin earrings. in first place



In 2nd place



And number 3 and 4 are tied for 3rd/4th place





Well I hope you have a happy St. Patrick’s day everyone. Don’t forget to tell me what you think about my blog in the comments.


Help! I'll be eaten alive!


Hi I am so sorry that I haven’t posted in a while, or something for Valentines Day :^[ My mom lost my camera cable and I couldn’t upload my pictures. Now I am going to show you a video of how to make one of my favorite crafts of all time, POM-POMS! They are really fun to make and easy too.

DIY Pom Poms, ThreadBanger How To

Now you can make pom-poms! There are so many ways you can make them and use them! I will reveal a bunch of the ways to use them. I love doing this and it is a great way to use leftover yarn. The more you wrap the yarn around the fluffier they are but they are also harder to cut.  I hope you love this project as much as I do. We shall meet again. ( Mwahaha >:^])


I know it’s been a while since my last post, but at least it hasn’t been a whole year!  I’m working on posting an inspiration video and a photo tutorial or video of my version of the inspiration.  Right now I’m working on a skirt.  But in the meantime…

DIY Tea Cup Lamp- MAN VS PIN #2

2013 Bloopers…..

DIY 3D Paint Graphic

DIY Cupcake Craft, ornaments with Sea Urchins, rhinestones and glitter!

Now! Enjoy the videos and you will hear more from me soon!

Let’s Wrap Things Up! (Literally)

Greetings, fellow crafters. So it is very close to the big day! (10 days to be exact!) If you didn’t wrap your Christmas presents yet then here are some videos of how to wrap presents while recycling! (GENIUS! )

Creative Holiday Gift Wrapping Ideas, Recycled Wrapping

Eco Friendly Wrapping Ideas

If you like music as much as me then I think you will love Lindsey Stirling! (A really cool violinist!)

I am SO excited for Christmas! (Being a kid and all :] )I hope you like this post and I would love it if you added a comment about what YOU think about my little blog!