Easter Festival at Saint Wendle

One of the best things about Germany is all of its festivals. Most of them are held in the winter, around Christmas, but Easter is also a popular holiday over here, so we get to see some of those to.

This was actually our first Easter Festival, so my family and I were pretty excited when we headed down over to Saint Wendle for their annual festival. We were not disappointed!



Shadow Selfi


After a little exploring, we found ourselves in a little kid area, where there were three rather uh, unusual guests.




After that, we started wandering around the market booths.





I have to admit, I was pretty tempted to by a pair of these…

Next, we wandered up to a spatzle stand and got some cheesy heaven…


Favorite. German. Food. EVER…

After polishing off the spatzle (sooo good…) we found ourselves standing in line for churros.



 Once the churros was a treasured memory, we continued to walk around the festival for another thirty minutes. Eventually though, we headed back to the car and drove home. Once there, everyone was so pooped out we did nothing but nape and veg out for the rest of the day.

. . . .

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