Chain Earrings and Funny Things

  What’s up internet?  How about a jewelry tutorial?

  I was trying to make a fancy-smancy bracelet by linking jump-rings with beads but about halfway through I realized how horrible it was turning out.

Not very attractive, is it?

 But I still wanted to use the already bead-dazzled jump rings for something. So I took out some earring hooks and began to work my magic.

Need: Beads, two earring hooks, a wire bender, six big jump rings and six small jump rings

Yes, I have the beads held inside a broken spoon. So sure me

Yes, I have the beads held inside a broken spoon. So sue me

 1. Open your big jump rings, then add about six beads onto your jump rings, and then then close it.

Fancy camera angle

Fancy camera angle

2. Add a small jump ring onto your bigger jump ring and add on one of your earring hooks. Now close it and repeat.

First do this.

Then this.

4. One more time!

You can add on as many as you'd like but I didn't want it longer then this.

You can add on as many as you’d like but I didn’t want it longer then this.

5. Now make it’s clone!!! (Bwahahaha!)

 I feel so chic wearing these and I hope you do to. Tell me what colors you’d prefer in this little tally and I’ll tell you the answers in my next post!

Green Tip

Did you know that most lipsticks contains fish scales (got that from an app I have called Weird Facts)? I know! Gross! So be sure to read everything on the label of products before you buy them. And if you can’t pronounce some of the words, look it up online. You’ll be surprised (and maybe even horrified) at what the answers are.


Candy Wrapper Caft-athon!!!

Hi guys how was your Halloween? For those who went trick-or-treating, I’m pretty sure you already have some candy wrappers all over your house. If your going to throw them away, (or recycle them) WAIT! DON’T MOVE! Why you may ask? Well, you can use them to save the world!!! (actually that was just meant as a joke but you never know). But for real, you can use them for a bunch of fun and cool recycling DIYs.

For those who have been visiting my blog for a while, you might have seen this post I made about candy wrapper flowers. It is very fun and, the best part, if you use actual candy wrappers, it’s recycling!!!

Ok so now I’m going to show you some stuff I thought you should know about using candy wrappers as well as a few links to some other tutorials I think are amazing.

Tips I’ve learned form trial and error

  Ok this is some stuff I’ve learned about using candy wrappers. This is stuff I’ve learned from what I have. This might not apply to every type of candy wrapper you might come across.

 1. I’ve learned that lollypop wrappers are not very good for crafts that need stiff paper (like origami).

 2. You can use candy wrappers for crafts like origami, (You can use candy wrappers for origami!) they’ll just be a lot smaller then how they would originally be (here’s a link to a website full of origami crafts). P.S. Try out the project with actual origami paper first before you use the candy wrappers first.

 3. Try to avoid using hot glue. You could risk melting the plastic (Burning plastic vapor is poisonous! I just want you to be safe.) and you could end up with sticky hot mess.

 4. If your doing a project that needs multiple pieces, take one part and trace it around the other pieces then cut them out.


 1. This one is SO cute! I am defiantly going to do this one. If you don’t have any big plastic wrappers, simply sew the smaller candy wrappers then trim it to the size you want. No-Sew Candy Wrapper Zipper Pouch

 2. Ohhoho, I am so ready to do these! It hurts not to dive in but I don’t have the right kind of shoes! Candy Wrapper Shoes

 3. I am definitely going to make these, but you’ll have to turn the volume all the way up because it’s not the best quality video around. Candy Wrapper Bows

  Now I promise I will make a sequel. When that happens, I’ll show you a few projects I came up with on my own. But until then, DON’T THORW AWAY YOUR CANDY WRAPPERS!!!

Green Tip

Be conservative when you’r making crafts. For example: If you need to use paper, try to use every bit of one sheet before you use a second.  Keep your scraps and you can make new sheets of paper yourself.  I’ll post that tutorial later.